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One of SER National’s principle goals is to empower members of the Latino and other underserved communities by strengthening their individual capabilities. Economic, social, educational, and political empowerment are critical to achieving self-sufficiency. Through a variety of programs and services, SER provides individuals with the necessary tools to become fully empowered. We believe empowerment is an essential characteristic that all persons must possess because these individuals are not just more productive and contributing members of society; they are also more confident of their own abilities.

Economic Empowerment

Obtaining and maintaining gainful employment is critical to a family’s full participation and economic security. That’s why SER National works to build financial capability within families by helping them translate knowledge into behavior. SER’s Economic Empowerment Initiative ensures that the Latino population across the country has easy access to culturally competent, intensive and relevant training and counseling to help families build wealth and economic stability. Financial Capability Training Training includes information on budgeting for life’s large and small events, financial literacy for people of all ages, Credit 101, and education to dispel myths about financial institutions. In partnership with financial service industry leaders, SER National supports practical, user-friendly training programs. SER also provides mortgage counseling and fair housing assistance. Financial Opportunity Centers/Centers For Working Families The Financial Opportunity Centers/Centers for Working Families located at SER affiliates offer critical economic empowerment for families through integrated services. The Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC) supports the model at some of the SER affiliates. SER integrates three types of services to assist low to moderate income families to achieve financial stability, move up the economic ladder and out of poverty:

  • Workforce Development – Job readiness and job development services
  • Wealth Building – Financial literacy and coaching
  • Access to Income Supports – Benefit and tax credit screening/application assistance; access/referral to free tax preparation

Through the integrated service delivery and financial coaching, SER helps families establish their plans for budging, saving, and building wealth.

SER Mujer

In 2014 SER celebrated its 50th year of service, employment, and redevelopment. SER is implementing a national women’s entrepreneurship program entitled SER Mastering and Understanding Jobs and Entrepreneurship Relationships—SER MUJER—to encourage and support aspiring women entrepreneurs through its affiliates’ one stop operations in Dallas/Ft. Worth, District of Columbia (DC), Fresno, Los Angeles, and Miami. The Coca-Cola Foundation awarded $425,000 to SER-Jobs for Progress National, Inc.,(SER ) for the SER MUJER Program to focus on women’s empowerment in the United States. The organization is continuing to collaborate with the U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Department of Labor to support their work in the entrepreneurial field. Together, these partners are providing financial literacy, job training, entrepreneurship and business development training to women.

In  September 2016, The Coca-Cola Foundation awarded SER once again funding to continue the SER MUJER Program. The program  has helped women with entrepreneurial dreams achieve those dreams. The MUJER in SER MUJER is an acronym for Mastering and Understanding Jobs and Entrepreneurial Relationships. The program provides the opportunity for women to empower themselves via entrepreneurship training and development, with a particular emphasis on Latinas and women of color. The program’s full coursework, offered in traditional workshop settings Dallas/Fort Worth and Los Angeles, is available both online and via a mobile app.

Technology Adoption

SER is committed to closing the digital divide, the term used to describe the segments of society without access to Information Technology and its potential to improve life and livelihood. SER bridges the gap by providing easy access, not only to computers, but also to the knowledge it takes to use them effectively to reach a higher level of education and achievement. Access to technology also helps underserved populations, including people with disabilities, with language acquisition and new delivery methods for learning materials. By providing easy access to technology, SER motivates young people to stay in school and provides opportunities for people of all ages to improve their quality of life and economic future. For more than three decades, SER’s partnership with IBM has brought many innovative programs to the network of SER affiliates so they can better assist their customers. IBM is SER’s oldest and largest supporter, with a total contribution of $15 million in products and services.


Made possible through support from the American Express Foundation, SER National is proud to introduce the SER Executive Leadership Institute which commenced in October 2012 at the prestigious Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business. The overarching goal of the Institute is to provide an industry-leading development experience that offers tangible tools and empowering insights for organizational leadership and operational effectiveness given current economic challenges impacting the non-profit sector, as well as to develop those skills among talented, emerging leaders with the promise of promoting successful transitions as new individuals step into Executive Director roles across the affiliate network in future years.

SER Executive Leadership Institute – World Class Executive Education for the SER Network

The Institute will focus on revitalizing its network of affiliated organizations through best-in-class management practices aimed at enabling successful outcomes for new executive directors, supporting the professional development of emerging leaders, and engaging veteran directors with innovative skills to build their organizational capacity. Instructional content will drive core behavioral concepts integral to non-profit leadership and sustainability, including Marketing to Win in a Challenging Environment, Customer-Driven Innovation & Strategy, Leading and Motivating High Performance Teams, Leading Change, and Critical Thinking & Decision-Making. Leaders will receive feedback and coaching throughout the program cycle and will have outside assignments to continue development activities upon completion of a given content session. Additionally, the Institute will link executive directors and emerging leaders with veteran executive directors through an established mentoring process. The pairs will be expected to analyze their respective operations through strategic mentorship activities at least once each quarter and provide constructive feedback. Participating SER leaders will be awarded a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from SMU Cox Executive Education contingent upon the successful completion of 32 professional development hours over a year’s time.

Citizen Preparation

SER helps connect legal permanent residents to their communities through employment, naturalization, and eventual participation in the democratic process. Through citizenship classes, SER helps immigrants move from green-card status to become fully naturalized citizens, thus promoting engaged citizens and communities.

Support Services

  • Adult daycare
  • Senior companion program/foster grandparents
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Onsite daycare for students
  • Head Start/Early Childhood
  • Mental health services
  • Affordable housing

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