Adrianne Johnson

AJ’s Mobile Gaming

Adrianne Johnson says her company is all about learning through fun, recreational activity, and from the response her small business is seeing in its first year, there is both a need and an opportunity for AJ’s Mobile Gaming. SER NEGOCIOS is assisting this entrepreneur, wife, and mom, who says she is, above all, a woman of faith and a strong advocate for living with a healthy outlook. This includes setting and striving for goals with the spirit that every day is worth living and tomorrow will bring even more tremendous promise.

“I call what we offer fun with a purpose that helps people who are into gaming and may be using it only as a temporary distraction from their lives when you can use fun technology and be fulfilled too,” says Adrianne. “Our mission with SER NEGOCIOS is to keep helping people, especially youths and military service members from different backgrounds, use our mobile games and have positive gaming opportunities. The pandemic has caused many people to become isolated from each other or disconnected from the outside world. Our game business comes to them so they can meet others in person, have a positive experience, and leave feeling better about their day.”

AJ’s Mobile Gaming is a technological dream come true. The state-of-the-art entertainment facility on wheels comprises ten ample size video monitors, eight latest generation Xboxes, PlayStation 5, Play Station 4, Xbox series x, Nintendo Switch, and two retro system games, Super Nintendo. SER NEGOCIOS is working with AJ’s Mobile Gaming to build upon its business model. Presently, the company books the space-age-equipped trailer for birthday parties, special events, community happenings, and other locations upon demand.

SER NEGOCIOS commends Adrianne, who smartly saw recreational equipment rental as another opportunity and seized upon it. “One of the biggest obstacles or headaches people run into when planning a party or an event is booking a facility,” says Johnson. “With us, that’s not a problem. We bring the trailer right to their doorstep, we’re easy to set up and get going, plus we even have a 20-foot jumbo screen and do ladies’ nights and movie nights on a 24-hour rental. We also have oculars for those customers who want to enjoy an immersive experience and video games for traditional birthday parties.”

SER NEGOCIOS is also assisting AJ’s Mobil Gaming to look more deeply at the marketplace and authentically connect with other positive activities in the community. “I knew it was important, given my life experience, to do more than operate a business. My husband and I sought to give something back to our community, wherever we lived. At that time, we started a non-profit part of the business, Gamer for God. We go into churches, the Boys and Girls Club, a park, and any place in neighborhoods where we can bring an upbuilding gaming environment. We offer our services for a minimal donation. This low cost is so kids can get to play on the machine, have a great, safe time with us, people who care about them and want to show them they matter to us. Our approach is to gently talk to the young people about having good language and not foul words, using their time wisely, and not gaming all day. As importantly, they don’t have to behave tough or in a certain way when gaming; it’s not good to be that way.”

Johnson openly talks about being a military veteran with PTSD, deep depression, and anxiety. Working with SER NEGOCIOS is teaching her management skills that prepare her further to run her business, be her boss, and set her hours. The skills she is acquiring through the SER NEGOCIOS training workshops, networking, and one-on-one consultations give Adrianne the confidence that she has a job with purpose and is fulfilling her life’s intentions. She says that grappling with a known mental-health disorder poses challenges. Still, the SER NEGOCIOS team is always welcoming and extending a helping hand that allows Adrianne to manage her condition better and push forward daily.

“I know what it’s like to be a servicemember and a veteran,” says Johnson. “Now, I can help them through gaming to clear their mind. They also have different disabilities, so we want to build a business that, in turn, can help them offer job opportunities. SER NEGOCIOS can help me open those doors, and with the financial assistance they have provided, along with the mentoring and support, my vision is clear, my mind is focused, and we are ready to get after it. Our business is in its first six months, and we have many goals of where we want to see our company go. My husband is also a co-owner and a veteran, so we are ready to do this together. These days are our time, and our future is bright thanks to SER NEGOCIOS.”