Cisco Networking Academy is a global IT and cybersecurity education program that partners with learning institutions worldwide to empower all people with career opportunities. As stated by Cisco, the Cisco Networking Academy transforms the lives of learners, educators, and communities through the power of technology, education, and career opportunities. Available to anyone, anywhere. With that philosophy, SER partnered with Cisco to bring our communities access to Cisco certifications. SER National is a Cisco Networking Academy.


Are you ready to begin, change, or propel your career in Information Technology (IT)?


The Cisco Networking Academy offers certification-aligned cybersecurity and networking courses, among others. Explore the world of tech or start building your career. Learn topics like networking, cybersecurity, and programming through courses backed by learning science and Cisco expertise – and prepare for certifications and job-ready skills that will set you up to work anywhere. Thanks to new technologies, networks are becoming more intelligent, programmable, and software-driven. Networking Academy courses support this evolution and expose learners to new concepts and hands-on experiences.

Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) Networking

70 Hours

Networking technology powers the Internet. Networks allow us to use social media, streaming services, online shopping, etc. Networks are critical for every industry, so demand for networking skills keeps rising. A solid foundational knowledge of networks can lead to a successful career in IT.


The Network Technician Career Path prepares you for the entry-level CCST Network certification and entry-level roles such as Network Support Technician, Entry-level Help Desk Technician, or IT Support Specialist. You will learn how networks operate, including the devices, media, and protocols that enable network communication. Develop critical skills to perform basic troubleshooting, using effective methodologies and help desk best practices.


Career Path – Courses

  • Networking Basics – Start learning the basics of computer networking and discover how networks operate.

  • Networking Devices and Initial Configuration – Continue learning networking essentials and build your foundational skills.

  • Network Addressing and Basic Troubleshooting – Take your networking foundation deeper and explore the next steps toward a tech career.

  • Network Support and Security – Develop your network troubleshooting and user access control skills to begin your career in technology.

Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) Cybersecurity

120 Hours

Cyber threats affect us all, and cybersecurity jobs continue to grow. According to the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report (2021), cybersecurity failure is among the top five global risks. The world needs diverse, tech-savvy cyber professionals to defend against shrewd digital adversaries.


The Junior Cybersecurity Analyst Career Path prepares you for the entry-level CCST Cybersecurity certification and entry-level cybersecurity positions such as Cybersecurity Technician, Cybersecurity Analyst, or Tier 1 Help Desk Support roles. You will learn vital skills like threat intelligence, network security, and risk management to protect yourself and your organization from cyber-attacks. If you enjoy solving puzzles, are passionate about technology, and like working in teams, the field of cybersecurity may be a great fit for you!




Career Path – Courses

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity Explore the exciting field of cybersecurity and why cybersecurity is a future-proof career.

  • Networking Basics – Start learning the basics of computer networking and discover how networks operate.

  • Networking Devices and Initial Configuration – Continue learning networking essentials and build foundational skills.

  • Endpoint Security Learn to secure your network to the edge.

  • Network Defense Learn how to monitor and protect your network and evaluate security alerts.

  • Cyber Threat Management – Learn about cybersecurity governance and build your skills to manage threats.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

210 Hours

CCNA is an entry-level networking certification that can prepare you for IT networking roles. The certification is issued by networking hardware corporation Cisco Systems through their Cisco Networking Academies. The CCNA is designed to validate fundamental networking concepts often requested in networking roles in IT positions. The CCNA exam tests a network professional’s knowledge and skills to install, configure, and troubleshoot networks.

By achieving the certification, those passing the CCNA exam obtain – up-to-date industry-recognized skills – knowledge about running a network – credibility in the industry – employment opportunities.


The curriculum is divided into three courses:

  1. Introduction to Networks (ITN)
  2. Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials (SRWE)
  3. Enterprise Networking, Security and Automation (ENSA)


This certification helps you get comprehensive knowledge on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Network fundamentals
  • Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • Internet Protocols (IP)
  • Network access
  • Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN)
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Application Programming Interfaces (API)
  • Switches and routers
  • Network Utilities
  • Automation and programmability
  • Security fundamentals
  • Routing protocols, others

As previously stated, SER National is excited to be a Cisco Networking Academy to provide transformative technology-based training that has the power to impact the lives of learners, educators, and our respective communities positively. Please get in touch with SER National via email at with any questions that you may have about these three certifications!

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