One of SER National’s principle goals is to empower members of the Latino and other underserved communities by strengthening their individual capabilities. Economic, social, educational, and political empowerment are critical to achieving self-sufficiency. Through a variety of programs and services, SER provides individuals with the necessary tools to become fully empowered. We believe empowerment is an essential characteristic that all persons must possess because these individuals are not just more productive and contributing members of society; they are also more confident of their own abilities.

Entrepreneurship Program – SER MUJER

In 2014, SER implemented a national women’s entrepreneurship program entitled SER Mastering and Understanding Jobs and Entrepreneurship Relationships (SER MUJER) to encourage and support aspiring women entrepreneurs in Dallas/Fort Worth and through its Affiliates Nationwide. The Coca-Cola Foundation in 2016 awarded SER $250,000 to continue operating the SER MUJER Program focusing on women’s empowerment in the United States. The organization is continuing to collaborate with the U.S. Small Business Administration to support their work in the entrepreneurial field. The SER MUJER program provides financial literacy, entrepreneurship and business development training to women.  The program’s full coursework, offered in traditional workshop settings is available both online and via a mobile app.

Entrepreneurship Program – SER Negocios

SER Negocios is a bilingual/multicultural nationwide entrepreneurship development program targeted towards Black, Latino, and American Indian entrepreneurs. The program provides entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and business development instruction, information, and resources. SER Negocios is available in Spanish and English. The program will be delivered on an online learning platform and in-person workshops.