One of SER National’s life-changing goals is to break the poverty cycle of the Latino and other underserved communities and assist them in accomplishing the American Dream of owning a house. Through the affordable housing program and services, SER provides individuals with the necessary knowledge and tools to fulfill their dreams.

Through the SER Network of Affiliates, families are accomplishing one of their goals, to own their house. Other community members are finding affordable dwellings to rent, sometimes below the market value. Two of these affiliates are located in California and Texas.


SER of San Joaquin Valley, based in Fresno, has affordable housing communities in El Cajon, Escondido, Fresno, Oceanside, and Orange Cove.


The other SER affiliate is Our Casa Resident Council, based in San Antonio, which builds affordable houses for deserved families.

SER Casas

The U.S. already has a housing crisis. With no deliberate intervention, it will only get worse. SER proposes to act, using innovative technology, to provide quality homes for families in need.

SER Casas will provide affordable housing solutions to low-income residents, first in Texas, then in other states, who cannot afford market-rate housing payments. Currently, properties for sale or rent have become prohibitively expensive, out of the reach of those families of modest means.

The anticipated results of SER Casas begin with providing modern housing for low-income, disadvantaged residents. The target population will mirror SER’s historic program participants for nearly 60 years, including all age groups. SER will target minorities who are disproportionately affected by the housing crisis that emerged nationwide.

SER National’s premise is that a holistic approach works best. As housing is constructed, SER will establish the building blocks of what will become a robust community. These building blocks include early childhood education, charter schools, job training, entrepreneurship coaching, and community assets—all accessible and utilized by the residents of the new housing.

When these elements are built out over time, the cycle of poverty is more likely to be broken as SER creates an interconnected web of solutions for the target population. In other words, a safety net is established that decreases the likelihood of failure for the families we will serve. Instead, the tools of social change will be deployed for success.

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