We Provide Safe and Secure Childcare

SER National, Early Head Start (SER-EHS) Program Child Care Partnerships is designed to collaborate with Child Care Partners within the Dallas County Area in Texas.  While our child care partners’ main objective is to provide safe childcare, particularly for working families; the collaboration and alignment with Early Head Start is to provide a safe and secure environment for children.  Additionally, it provides comprehensive child development and family support services that enhance the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of participating children.  SER-EHS, and Grand Prairie ISD are affording an array of comprehensive services, including health, nutritional, behavioral, and family services to eligible children.  SER National assumes a leadership role in the development of partnerships with community agencies to coordinate and collaborate to best meet the needs of children and their families.

SER National Early Head Start Program (SER-EHS includes all policies and regulations, procedures, processes, philosophy, and recommendations; and has developed program plans for implementing services in each of the program areas (Early Childhood Development and Health Services, Family and Community Partnerships, and Program Design and Management) that includes consultation with the program’s governing body, policy groups, program staff and community organizations that serve Head Start and other low-income families with young children covered in the Head Start Act, 45 CFR, §1301 through §1311, Part 92 Uniform Administrative Requirements, Title 2 CFR Part 225 Cost Principles For Non-Profits Organization (formerly referred to as OMB A-87) and OMB Circular A-102 Grants Cooperative Agreements With State and Local Governments and Circular A-133 Audits of State, Local Governments, and Non-Profits Organizations.

SER-EHS is a center based full-day, 48 week program option, allowing children ages 0-36 months which are deemed EHS eligible to attend a classroom type location.

Overcoming Challenges

Laurie Anderson

SER Early Head Start Parent

Laurie Anderson is a current SER Early Head Start Parent. She came into the program as a very hard working and extremely shy young lady. However within weeks of participating in the program and with help of our Parent Coach (Dr. Yolanda Wilder) she had overcame her insecurities and is now very active in the program. Ms. Anderson participated in the SER STEM Robotics and won  3rd place in the competition. She has demonstrated that you can triumph over anything when you put your mind to it. Through the dedicated and loving support of the SER EHS Team parents like Laurie Anderson will continue to thrive.

“Growing up in Pleasant Grove trying to overcome statistics, it’s hard. I have always worked hard no matter what I do. I’m a teen parent, was a high school drop out. None of this defines me. SER EHS has shown me no matter what the circumstances you can overcome. Recently I came across the opportunity to work with SER and STEM programs. The education and encouragement given to me has pushed my drive to attend college.”

Laurie Anderson - SER Early Head Start Parent
Ignacio Salazar – President/CEO; Laurie Anderson – Early Head Start Parent; Roger Rocha – Board Chair


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