SER Jobs for Progress National, Inc. (SER National) supports education and training for all children, youth and adults, because education opens the doors of opportunity for economic self-sufficiency and upward mobility. SER helps young people achieve academic success by providing high quality, culturally competent and inspiring learning opportunities through early head start, charter schools, alternative schools, and out-of-school tutoring programs. And SER supports adult learning too, ensuring that everyone has the basic literacy, math and English skills to be successful in the workplace.

AWS re/Start at SER National

AWS re/Start is a skills development and job training program that prepares learners for cloud computing careers. The program’s mission is to provide skills and job opportunities in cloud computing to anyone 18 years of age or older.

SER Cisco Networking Academy

SER National is partnering with Cisco Systems to provide Cisco Networking Certifications through the SER Network of Affiliates.  Learn more about how this partnership could open doors for you.  From free single English and Spanish courses to a Cisco Certification, click below to find out more.

SER Early Head Start Program

SER National, Early Head Start (SER-EHS) Program Child Care Partnerships is designed to collaborate with Child Care Partners within Dallas County in Texas.  While our child care partners’ main objective is to provide safe childcare, particularly for working families, the collaboration and alignment with Early Head Start is to provide a safe and secure environment for children.  

SER STEM Program

The SER STEM Program was launched in response to the meager numbers of underrepresented female, Latino, and other minority high school students who are considering careers in STEM.

What is STEM?  STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The SER STEM Program is intended to stimulate interest in STEM.  The goal is to encourage students to attend higher education and pursue STEM-related careers.  SER National reaches out to schools with an enrollment of over 75% of their student population participating in the reduced or free lunch program.

Four years ago, SER National rolled out three components of the SER STEM Initiative: the SER Conference STEM Program, the SER STEM Community Day, and the SER Robotics Teams.

SER Conference STEM Program

Every year during the SER National Annual Conference, SER National hosts over 350 students from 10-15 different area schools to spend two days in an intensive robotics learning experience and competition.  The students are separated into two hands-on STEM activities: robotics or drones.  As part of those two days, the students also attend two luncheons with executives from corporate America, government officials, educators, and the community at large.

SER STEM Community Day

Each year, at multiple locations, the SER STEM Community Day provides access and opportunities in STEM fields to over 5,000 disadvantaged students by opening their eyes and minds to a future of possibilities. Each Community Day starts with a plenary session with a distinguished speaker such as José Hernández (retired NASA Astronaut).  From there, the students go to an exhibit area, workshops, and hands-on coding sessions taught by subject matter experts representing corporate and government employers.

SER Robotics Teams

With ten robotics teams in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the SER Robotics Teams engages underrepresented students in robotics competitions.  Students are exposed to new areas of learning, such as computer-aided design, electrical wiring, component fabrication and assembly, robot programming, web design, 3D animation, and photo/video documentation.  The program made a believer of a student who previously stated, “I absolutely hated math and science,” into one who earned a scholarship to study engineering at a prestigious state university. 

As the students work together with their fellow teammates, they enhance their academic, technical, and leadership skills to attain educational success.  The program introduces students to the exciting world of robotics through designing, building, testing, troubleshooting, and competing with their robot against other schools from across the state in a sanctioned event.

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Financial Literacy

Learn the Financial Basics | FREE courses provided by SER

SER can help you build healthy habits when it comes to your personal finances. Our courses have the tools and information to help you reach your financial goals, whether you are starting out or starting over.

  • Budgeting – Get tips and tools for creating a budget that works for you, and learn how to stick to it.
  • Credit – What you need to know about credit — from applying and monitoring to rebuilding and maintaining.
  • Banking – Explore the basics of banking.

Financial Basics Courses (click on each course)

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Occupational Skills Training

It takes more than just desire to get a job that pays enough to support a family. It takes a strong set of skills and a solid work ethic, too. That’s why SER and its extensive network of partners around the country have linked up to provide Occupational Skills Training for people seeking work in business and industry. Trainees know they can count on SER National for the best instruction around, and employers know that people who complete our programs have the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. Southeastern Massachusetts SER operates a business and technical school licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Education; SER Florida operates a technical school accredited by ACICS.

School Based Learning

Offering both academic and skill-related credentials, SER bolstered the only Santa Fe high school to meet the No Child Left Behind Act’s required Adequate Yearly Progress measures for the past two years. In Pennsylvania, the SER charter school was the only district secondary school to meet Adequate Yearly Progress three of the last four years.

Youth Development

SER operates job readiness and placement programs for high-risk youth populations in many communities and successfully achieved goals. In Illinois, the WIA out-of-school youth program has met and exceeded performance measures for over five years.In Michigan, Illinois, and Texas, the Summer Youth Internship Programs met performance measures during the 2009 and 2010. In Florida, SER serves only youth involved in the criminal justice system, and the program is having a profound and positive effect. Over 80% of the program’s young participants have been promoted to the next high school grade level, and outside evaluators confirmed that the youth have shown across-the-board improvements in their attitudes towards school, their commitment to school, their self-worth, and their family management skills.