SER National supports education and training for all children, youth and adults, because education opens the doors of opportunity for economic self-sufficiency and upward mobility. SER helps young people achieve academic success by providing high quality, culturally competent and inspiring learning opportunities through early head start, charter schools, alternative schools, and out-of-school tutoring programs. And SER supports adult learning too, ensuring that everyone has the basic literacy, math and English skills to be successful in the workplace.

Early Head Start Program

SER—Jobs for Progress National, Inc. (SER National) , Early Head Start Program – Child Care Partnerships (SER-EHS) is designed to collaborate with Child Care Partners within the Dallas County Area in Texas. While our child care partners’ main objective is to provide safe childcare, particularly for working families; the collaboration and alignment with Early Head Start is to provide a safe and secure environment for children, but is also enriching services by providing comprehensive child development and family support services that enhance the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of participating children. In addition, SER, EHS, Texans Wee Can Academy, and Grand Prairie ISD are affording an array of comprehensive services, including health, nutritional, behavioral, and family services to eligible children. SER National assumes a leadership role in the development of partnerships with community agencies to coordinate and collaborate to best meet the needs of children and their families.

Occupational Skills Training

It takes more than just desire to get a job that pays enough to support a family. It takes a strong set of skills and a solid work ethic, too. That’s why SER and its extensive network of partners around the country have linked up to provide Occupational Skills Training for people seeking work in business and industry. Trainees know they can count on SER National for the best instruction around, and employers know that people who complete our programs have the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. Southeastern Massachusetts SER operates a business and technical school licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Education; SER Florida operates a technical school accredited by ACICS.

Youth Development

SER operates job readiness and placement programs for high-risk youth populations in many communities and successfully achieved goals. In Illinois, the WIA out-of-school youth program has met and exceeded performance measures for over five years.In Michigan, Illinois, and Texas, the Summer Youth Internship Programs met performance measures during the 2009 and 2010. In Florida, SER serves only youth involved in the criminal justice system, and the program is having a profound and positive effect. Over 80% of the program’s young participants have been promoted to the next high school grade level, and outside evaluators confirmed that the youth have shown across-the-board improvements in their attitudes towards school, their commitment to school, their self-worth, and their family management skills.

School Based Learning

Offering both academic and skill-related credentials, SER bolstered the only Santa Fe high school to meet the No Child Left Behind Act’s required Adequate Yearly Progress measures for the past two years. In Pennsylvania, the SER charter school was the only district secondary school to meet Adequate Yearly Progress three of the last four years.

SER Robotics Program

The SER Robotics Program is designed to enhance students’ Academic, Technical, and Leadership skills in order to attain educational success. The Robotics Program is intended to stimulate the interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and Art. The goal is to encourage students to attend college and pursue STEM degrees.

This program will stimulate students’ interest in STEM by hands-on Science and Engineering activities and through a variety of conference motivational speakers. The program will introduce students, beginners through expert, to the exciting world of Robotics through building, designing, modifying and testing robots.

Students were provided a kit to build a robot. This first robot was the seed for their individual creativity. Each student, upon completion, had a chance to test their robots in an Arena. After, students competed with their robots in groups of 2 to 8 robots.

Students applied basic Physics and Engineering, to improve their Robots and tried to make them stronger, faster and more robust.

Each student designed their own Robot and presented it to the other teams in a highly interactive manner.

Program Objectives
1. Students applied basic Engineering and Physics concepts.
2. Stimulated enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards academic excellence
3. Increased interest in careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and Art

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U.S. Army and STEM

Specialized skills are part of every U.S. Army job. Learn how the U.S Army helps improve our student’s aptitude for science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the STEM program.

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