Ingrid Rivera

Alma Essence

Ingrid Rivera knows what success feels like, and SER MUJER is helping others see it too. She is the owner of Alma Essence, an established motivational speaker and life coach. She describes her business as combining quality personal care products and belief in yourself as a winning combination.


“I remember attending an event at the Grand Prairie Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and listening to other women doing amazing things in their lives thanks to a program called SER MUJER. They started their business pursuing their talents, skills, and passion for achieving some impressive results. I knew that by sharing my experience and training with them, we could all achieve even more financially and professionally.”


Ingrid says the challenge was finding the path to starting her business in the United States and doing so with the proper foundation. “It was a maze to me. In the country I came from in Latin America, people knew me and followed my platform presentations and programs. Here, it was different, and thanks to SER MUJER, I could now set up my company correctly, meeting all the legal requirements and following the best practices.


“It’s one thing when you are born in the United States and grow up in the setting you know, including education, business, and the legal system. When you are an immigrant and a woman, the challenges change from having to learn the language, finding trustworthy mentors, and getting guidance that is in your best interest. This is where SER MUJER met all these criteria and more. They genuinely cared about me and my dreams and were very supportive.”


Rivera started attending classes and embraced the opportunities SER MUJER extended to become a chamber of commerce member and formally establish her business as a legal liability corporation or LLC. “Something as simple as how to open a bank account, establish credit, and get seed capital to acquire inventory were all new to me in this country, so I welcomed SER MUJER’s help. Now, my business is growing faster than expected, and I owe much of that to what I learned through SER MUJER. Success as an entrepreneur is about knowing how to open your company’s doors and, as important, how to keep them open.”


Latino immigrant entrepreneurs like Ingrid often say one of the biggest challenges to overcome is knowing who to seek for relevant, timely, and accurate information. Make a mistake, they add, and it could cost you precious time or money. Worse, the wrong advice can result in unforeseen legal and financial problems that hamper business; they even end many worthwhile ventures. In Ingrid’s case, SER MUJER provided critical funding to offset the cost of setting up her LLC and becoming a member of the Hispanic chamber.


“Also, SER MUJER made it possible for me to benefit from the knowledge and experience of mentors who checked in on me often and consistently helped. This makes all the difference when each day can spell success or failure, and every penny matters. Many entrepreneurs go online and rely on information they get on their own without always knowing the way government works in the United States or do not know the social frameworks needed to succeed. SER MUJER enables me to avoid many pitfalls because they have people who have walked in my shoes and constantly understand what we face.”


Ingrid explains that start-up entrepreneurs face a dual challenge which includes investing in a business that is not yet profitable while also paying their current expenses. Add to that the fear of being defrauded or making costly errors out of simply not knowing the right way to do things. SER MUJER offered Ingrid a track record of proven success in helping Latinas like her. This reassured her that her time would be a wise investment in the program, and she would have a team around her to answer her questions and offer suggestions on important decisions.


“I have come to know all the people who work at SER MUJER, and they make me feel at home among family members who are always smiling and ready to address any concerns or doubts. Another benefit is that SER MUJER is constantly creating free events and activities for the participants to get together, learn from one another, and exchange ideas on what is working best. So, I never feel alone.”


Rivera adds that the top-tier presenters SER MUJER brings are especially beneficial to instruct them with tips, ideas, and solutions that will help them be the most successful possible. She compares the instructors to college-level experts who speak from firsthand knowledge and do so in an easy-to-understand manner so that SER MUJER entrepreneurs can apply the lessons in their own lives.


“When a person wants to start off on the right foot and do things professionally, the best option is SER MUJER. Their personnel is highly qualified; they have excellent personal qualities and know-how to draw together other successful women. This group is who I recommend if you are someone who wants to learn, excel, and be the most successful possible constantly.”