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Over the past four decades, we've become experts at creating enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships with some of the country's greatest corporations, philanthropic foundations and government entities.


Your Support Matters

With the help of these essential partners, SER National works to ensure that direct employment and education services are available in the communities in which they are needed most where countless underserved minority families are struggling to find work or get a better education.

By teaming up with SER, our public and private sector partners are able to pool their resources to establish and maintain significant workforce development programs that support American business and industry, thereby strengthening our economy and transforming the lives of over one million people and their families each year.


Our list of corporate partners reads like a Who’s Who in American Business: Altria; AT&T; Cisco; The Coca Cola Company; Comcast; Comerica Bank; Ford; IBM; Lockheed Martin Corporation; McDonald’s; Target; Verizon; and Wells Fargo to name only a few.

These companies know that partnering with a respected organization like SER National makes good business sense. Today’s consumers and employees expect companies to support social causes and that’s not just a blanket statement. Research like the 2007 Cone Cause Evolution and Environmental Survey confirms it. Clearly, social responsibility is a reality for the 21st Century business.

And although Corporate America has stepped up and continued to donate despite the economic downturn of recent years, contributions to organizations that help the Hispanic community — the fastest growing population in the United States — have been sadly lacking. According to the 2010 Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) Corporate Inclusion Index:

  • A total of $155 million was given in 2009 from corporate foundations and/or general giving.
  • Of these dollars, only $31 million were contributed directly to the Hispanic community.
  • Nearly one-third of the respondents acknowledged a contribution of 5% or less as their  Hispanic give in 2009.


SER National’s corporate partners are helping reverse this unfortunate trend. SER seeks mutually beneficial, collaborative partnerships that:

  • Generate resources
  • Expand employment, education, and empowerment opportunities for youth and adults across the country
  • Build public awareness of our work and mission
  • Advance the work of local SER affiliates through in-kind and volunteer support


To learn more about becoming a SER Corporate Partner, please email Development,


SER National has a rich history of providing Hispanics and other underserved populations with opportunities for learning and employment by collaborating with local, state and national governments. Since 1964, SER has partnered with many departments of the federal government, such as Commerce, Defense, Health & Human Services, and Labor. That vote of confidence is one of the reasons that government entities from coast-to-coast continue to team up with SER National year after year.

Together, we get the job done by providing children with high-quality, culturally competent and inspiring learning opportunities through charter schools, alternative schools, and out-of-school tutoring programs. SER and its government partners also support adult learning, ensuring that everyone has the basic literacy, math, and English skills to be successful in the workplace and in their chosen career.

To learn more about becoming a government partner, please email Julian Martinez,


At SER National, we know that robust partnerships are essential to our success.

In fact, collaboration is so important to us that we made it one of our organizational values: We Are Stronger Through Partnerships.

Solid community partnerships help us provide additional services and resources where they are needed most, allowing us to reach more people and strengthen the neighborhoods in which they live. From national advocacy groups to local faith-based organizations, each of our valued partners brings unique skills and insights to our collaboration skills and insights that allow us to impact lives with greater depth. We are so grateful to our partners across the country!

To learn more about becoming a SER Community Partner, please email Development,


At SER National, one of our central goals is to provide members of the Latino and other underserved minority populations with the necessary tools to gain fulfilling, permanent employment positions.

Thanks to the commitments of our Employer Partners, we are able to assist our clients in gaining employment at a variety of thriving corporations. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • AT&T
  • Cisco
  • Comcast
  • Ford
  • GM
  • Wells Fargo

These partnerships further increase the employment opportunities and, consequentially, chances of success for the individuals who have taken part in the SER programs.

To learn more about becoming a SER Employer Partner, please email Emma Trevino,