SER STEM Day Catapult Challenge 2024

Deadline to submit is Sunday, April 21 @ 9:00 pm CT.

  • Safety FIRST – adult supervision during construction and launching of catapult is a must
  • Kits or prebuilt catapults are NOT allowed
  • Get your creative and come up with your own design. So, do some research and get started on building your unique model!
  • Unleash your resourcefulness ….you may already have all the supplies you need at home!
  • We want your catapult to work properly but don’t worry about how far it can launch a SOFT object (pompoms, cotton ball, foil ball, marshmallow, etc.). Distance of soft item launched is not judged.
  • Submit a short video (20-30 seconds) of your catapult in action. Don’t forget to include a written explanation of the steps you took to build it.


Independent judges will review entries that include the required video and step-by-step written/typed explanation of steps taken to build. Again, only entries with both video and detailed document will be accepted.


Qualifying entries will be scored on resourcefulness, creativity, artistry and must function. Distance of soft item launched is not judged.


The judges combined highest scores will be awarded a $1000.00 (US) scholarship to be paid directly to a post high school institution (community college, university, trade school) of your choice and not directly to the student.


Click Here to Submit the Challenge!