SER Metro-Detroit

SER Metro-Detroit

Since 1971, SER Metro-Detroit has consistently maintained a high-performance record in the skills training and placement of consumers into unsubsidized employment in the private sector and in providing employers with a diverse, qualified workforce. The means by which our mission of cultivating a qualified, skilled and adaptable workforce for metropolitan Detroit and the global economy is reflected in our name: SER: Service, Employment, and Redevelopment.

SER Metro-Detroit works to give each consumer of services the resources needed to create a life of self-sufficiency and self-fulfillment. SER’s program mix includes: literacy and education, job readiness skills training, occupational skills training, vocational skills training, job seeker and employer services, welfare reform programming, economic and community development, employment, and extensive youth programming. The services delivery system includes the active participation of the public and private sectors, education, and government.

SER Metro-Detroit staff of committed individuals is a major asset to those whom we serve, as is the network of business partners, human services agencies, faith-based organizations, workforce development partners, educators, employers, state and government agencies and other stakeholders.

SER Metro-Detroit has grown from a small community resource serving Southwest Detroit residents to a multi-service, multi-state corporation that serves as a direct link to gainful employment of diverse populations. SER Metro-Detroit operates a comprehensive service delivery system serving any individual and employer seeking service.

SER Metro-Detroit is an equal opportunity employer, which administers recruitment, employment, transfer, training, and promotion practices without discrimination based on height, political opinion or affiliation, weight, race, gender, religion, age, national origin, marital status, unrelated handicap or any prohibited ground.

SER Metro-Detroit is an equal opportunity employer funded in part by the Michigan Department of Career Development and the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation. Equal Opportunity Employer/Program Auxiliary aids and services available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Hispanic American Organization, Inc.

Hispanic American Organization, Inc.

Hispanic American Organization , Inc. was founded by Lupe Pearce in 1976 and Roberto Clemente Charter School in 2000 to assist Allentown’s growing Hispanic Community become more economically self-sufficient. It grew, in large part, from her personal experiences coming to the United States, having to learn English, and then finding jobs at the University of Chicago library and ultimately teaching Spanish in the Chicago school district, using the teaching degree she had earned in Chile.

When she moved to Allentown with her family, she could relate to the plight of Hispanics who had lost their jobs when factories closed. Without new marketable skills, they were unable to support their families as productive members of the community. With a small grant from The First Presbyterian Church of Allentown, Lupe opened the doors of HAO to train and educate Hispanic residents to realize their dreams. Maria Cruz was the first Latina volunteer.

Since those early days, HAO has grown from an organization with a nominal budget, a staff of one in a small rented office, serving a handful of clients to an active, vital center staffed by over 60 people, serving a cross-section of inner-city residents.


HAO Counseling Services

HAO Inspire Program

Housing Services

Adults Program GED

Adults Program: ESL (English as a second language)

Nutrition Awareness

Intake, Information, and Referral Services

Wellness Program

Supportive Parents

New! – Drug and Alcohol


Learn more about HAO HERE

SER of Westchester

SER of Westchester

Providing much needed services to their communities’:

SER STARS Academy 2018-2019:

  • September, 2018 to June, 2019
  • Grades 6 to 8th
  • Hours of program 3:00 -5:30 pm
  • Location PCMS ( Port Chester Middle School)
  • Service provided:

    • Academic support – staff for this program would be the Middle School teachers
    • Parent workshops
    • One on one support
  • Benefits
    • Assist incoming 6th graders accustom to:
      • Schedule
      • Lockers
      • New location
      • Homework
      • Fast- pace environment
  • Tuition based program
  • Registration is $175
  • Per month $150


TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) Summer 2018:

  • Partnership with Westchester County
    • This program accepts 25 students from ages 14- 18 to work in a summer internship in Westchester County.
    • Each student is placed in different locations based on interests or age group
    • A couple of students thrive academically as well:
      • Steven Lugo- age 17, works at Elite Physical Therapy, excellent student
      • Christopher Loja- age 14, works at St. Peter’s Summer Camp, excellent student
    • To finish the program students have to complete a total of 112 hours where they get paid 11 per hour.
    • What the students learn throughout the course of this program:
      • Responsibility of attending work regularly
      • Learn new skills required for the work place
      • Establish future goals from experience attained
      • Manage salary


Private Sector Summer 2018:

  • Partnership with Westchester County
    • We accept a total of 30 students
    • Ages 18-24
    • Requirements:
      • To start they have to send their resume to our email address or personally come to our office and we provide them with assistance to create a resume
      • Create a profile through the Westchester Private Sector link
      • Upload resume and wait for our acceptance
    • Benefits
      • Find locations throughout Westchester County that normally aren’t available regularly through job sites in the internet
      • Jobs that fit interests or area of study pursuing at the time of applying.
      • Create a future connection upon graduating or while in college.



For more information, please contact:

SER of Westchester, Inc.

76 Mamaroneck Avenue, Suite 8

White Plains, New York 10601

Office Phone Number: 914-681-0996

Fax Number: 914-681-0997