SER National Welcomes 2024 as a Milestone and A New Opportunity for the Future

SER National Welcomes 2024 as a Milestone and A New Opportunity for the Future

As we stand on the threshold of a new year, SER Jobs for Progress, Inc. is not just marking the advent of 2024; we are heralding the dawn of a new era of possibilities, potential, and progress. We now celebrate the 60th anniversary of our journey defined by service to others and look forward to the transformative impact we will continue to make in the years ahead.

In the tapestry of time, our sixty years of dedication and commitment have woven a narrative that transcends generations. Ignacio Salazar, President and CEO, expresses the historical significance of this moment: “As we celebrate sixty years of service, employment, and redevelopment, we are reminded that times have changed from generations past. The labor market now demands workers with higher levels of education and knowledge skills in technology.”

Our commitment to bridging the educational divide is unwavering. In response to the evolving demands of the workforce, we proudly offer comprehensive classroom and distance-based instruction through our Cisco Networking Academy and Amazon training programs—empowering men and women across the nation to embrace the power of innovation for the benefit of themselves, their families, and their communities.

Mr. Salazar emphasizes, “Looking forward, automation and artificial intelligence will replace 80 percent of the jobs where people make less than $20 per hour. The lack of mobility and employment opportunities has created a breeding ground for political hostility and social ills. We will be there with solutions and training opportunities that offer hope and new career opportunities.”

In an age where the rapid evolution of technology is reshaping the employment landscape, SER National recognizes the urgency of preparing individuals for the challenges ahead. Salazar asserts, “When jobs disappear, society falls apart. When a community truly disintegrates, knitting it back together becomes a herculean task. Virtue and cohesion—the stuff of civilization—are tough to restore. That is why we are doubling down on our training and retraining efforts.”

Understanding that investing in the future starts with nurturing our youth’s potential, we echo Frederick Douglass’s sentiments: “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men and women.” With an emphasis on early childhood education and Head Start efforts, we are sowing the seeds of resilience, knowledge, and empowerment.

As we embark on the next decade of our journey in 2024, we affirm our commitment to innovation and adaptability. Salazar affirms, “We will continue to develop new programs and initiatives that meet the needs of an ever-changing workplace while addressing the needs of individuals with greater barriers to self-sufficiency.”

Salazar concludes, “Much remains to be done—but one thing remains clear: after 60 years, the need for SER is greater than ever. We stand at the cusp of a new chapter, where we reimagine the future and lead the way into a new era of discovery and accomplishments for the betterment of all.”

As we welcome 2024 with open arms, SER National invites all stakeholders—partners, collaborators, and the broader community—to join us on this path toward a future where education, employment, and redevelopment create a brighter and more brilliant future for all we touch. Happy New Year!

SER National Invites You to Share in the Christmas Spirit of Giving and Receiving, Love and Joy

SER National Invites You to Share in the Christmas Spirit of Giving and Receiving, Love and Joy

In the true spirit of the holiday season, SER National and the SER Network of Affiliates extend a warm invitation to all to join in the Christmas spirit of giving and receiving, love, and joy. For almost 60 years, SER Jobs for Progress and its network of affiliates have been committed to developing and nurturing diverse services and programs that make a meaningful impact in our communities. More than 1,000,000 individuals walk through our doors across over 200 locations nationwide annually, which is a testament to our dedication to fostering positive change.

“This milestone of six decades is a celebration of our ongoing commitment to economic equity and a better quality of life for those we touch,” remarked Ignacio Salazar, SER National President and CEO. “For us, it is not about where a person is starting that determines how we view their potential for the future. Instead, we see the blessing of opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives for them and their families. This is our spirit of giving year-round.”

SER has evolved to focus on a mission that contributes to advancing a better quality of life for all individuals. Our programs cater to diverse needs, ensuring participants learn the skills necessary to embark on small business ventures, transition from manual farm labor to other fulfilling careers, and provide seniors with opportunities to engage in meaningful service within their communities. We also recognize the importance of preparing men and women for the future by offering training in high-tech pathways, ensuring they are well-equipped for the jobs of tomorrow.

As we approach the end of the year, job gains have continued at an impressive pace, with Americans experiencing significant growth in employment opportunities. Our commitment is to encourage everyone to strive for their best purpose in life. “In this season of gratitude and celebration, may we reflect upon our blessings and share the good news with others,” said Salazar. “And may we count the gift of work and purpose among our many rich blessings this time of year. It’s when we reflect on the year that has passed and look forward to the year ahead.”

This holiday season, SER National invites you to join hands with us in spreading joy, hope, and love. Together, let us celebrate the spirit of giving, embody the values of compassion and empathy, and look forward to a brighter and more prosperous future for all.