SER National is Thankful for Its People and Programs Uplifting Lives In America

SER National is Thankful for Its People and Programs Uplifting Lives In America

In the spirit of gratitude this Thanksgiving season, SER National and the SER Network of Affiliates express sincere appreciation for the dedication of countless individuals working together for the betterment of others. Ignacio Salazar, President and Chief Executive Officer, reflects on the remarkable achievements of the organization’s people-centric family, including team members, program participants, and stakeholders.

“In these times of rapidly advancing technologies, including AI, we are still a people-centric family with amazing team members, eager program participants, and our vast family of stakeholders,” says Salazar. “I am personally moved by this Thanksgiving as I see the generational advancement coupling the use of new technological tools and knowledge with the always-present human touch and the heart to serve. This is the enduring role of our wide array of community agencies and continues to be the pillar to our individual and collective success.”

“Thanksgiving is an opportunity to appreciate how God-given human intellect, when applied in service to others, uplifts lives and improves our society,” Salazar reflects. “Just think of how far we have come in understanding the evolution of harnessing machines and science.”

The relationship between intelligent technology and workers has evolved significantly over time. Initially, technology replaced workers in dangerous, dirty, and repetitive jobs. Later, it was used to boost capacities and automate manufacturing functions. Today, technologies enable humans to become better individuals through the more intelligent use of time and lives, allowing teams to refocus on more purposeful endeavors.

“May we be mindful of each other this Thanksgiving,” Salazar encourages. “And that we join hands daily as we advance into new frontiers, trusting that we can make our world better, in unity of purpose and vision. Happy Thanksgiving to each and all!”

SER National Salutes Our Veterans Who Are Adding Vital Skills to America’s Workforce

SER National Salutes Our Veterans Who Are Adding Vital Skills to America’s Workforce

On Veterans Day, SER National proudly stands alongside all Americans to salute the brave servicemen and women who have selflessly served in the U.S. Armed Forces. We offer these veterans a simple yet heartfelt thank you and a solemn promise that we will always honor their unwavering courage and spirit.

“SER National and the SER Network of Affiliates champion including veterans in our nation’s workforce because they bring leadership, have a strong work ethic, understand the value of teamwork, possess clear core values, are trained in abilities to work well under stress, and are self-directed and motivated,” notes Ignacio Salazar, President and CEO. “The fact is that veterans strengthen America’s workforce and make it competitive on a global level.”

At SER National, we understand that we are responsible for providing opportunities and support to our veterans. With almost 60 years of experience in workforce training and development, we are committed to helping veterans further their skills, pursue education, obtain certification in new trades or professions, and even start their businesses. Veterans possess invaluable qualities, such as leadership, a strong work ethic, the ability to work well under stress, and self-motivation. These qualities make them an essential asset to our nation’s workforce.

Veterans bring unique experiences and perspectives to the workforce, which enrich our nation’s business landscape. Their ability to collaborate effectively, adapt to changing situations, and perform under pressure is invaluable in various industries. At SER National, we are dedicated to training, hiring, and partnering with veteran-owned firms to harness these strengths and provide veterans with opportunities to succeed in their post-military careers.

Adds Salazar, “It is our privilege and responsibility to make every day the right time to honor our veterans through action. We encourage all Americans to pause and thank veterans for their service and sacrifice. Whether through training, employment, or support for veteran-owned businesses, we can all contribute to making veterans feel welcome and assisting them in reintegrating into civilian life.”

This Veterans Day, let us unite as a nation to recognize the vital skills and talents veterans bring to America’s workforce. SER National and the SER Network of Affiliates, La Familia de SER, stand ready to continue supporting our veterans, ensuring they have the tools and opportunities they need to thrive in their post-military careers. Through this shared commitment, we honor the promise we’ve made to our veterans and their families and acknowledge their invaluable contributions to our country’s economic vitality.