SBA Programs and Services: How to Start, Grow, Expand and Recover Your Small Business

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: The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers a variety of programs and services to support small businesses at all stages of development. Whether you are looking to start a new venture, grow your existing business, expand into new markets, or recover from a disaster, the SBA has resources and partners to help you succeed. In this workshop, you will learn about:

The SBA loan guaranty and venture capital programs that can help you access capital for your business needs.
The SBA direct loan programs that can help you recover from natural disasters and rebuild your business.
The SBA management and technical assistance training programs that can help you plan, launch, and grow your business with the help of expert counselors and mentors.

You will also learn about the SBA counseling assistance program which has a network of over 1,400 resource partners, such as SCORE, SBDC, WBC, VBOC, and Apex Accelerators, that provide free or low-cost counseling, training, and networking services to small businesses across the country. You will discover how to find and connect with the SBA and its partners in your local area and online.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how the SBA and its programs and services can help you achieve your small business goals. Register today and get ready to start, grow, expand, and recover your small business with the SBA.

Growing Your Small Business with Federal Contracting Opportunities

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The federal government is the largest buyer of goods and services in the world, and it has a strong commitment to support small businesses, especially those that are owned by women, minorities, veterans, and other disadvantaged groups. By becoming a certified small business and pursuing set-aside contracts, you can access a huge and diverse market for your products and services, and gain a competitive edge in the federal marketplace.
In this workshop, you will learn about:
• The benefits of supplier diversity and federal contracting for your small business, such as increased revenue, improved reputation, and enhanced innovation.
• The eligibility criteria and certification process for various SBA small business programs, such as 8 (a), HUBZone, WOSB, and SDVOSB.
• The types and sources of set-aside and sole-source contracts, and how to find and bid on them effectively.
• The best practices and resources for succeeding in federal contracting, such as developing a capability statement, marketing your business, and building relationships with contracting officers and prime contractors.
Don’t miss this chance to discover how federal contracting opportunities can help you grow and expand your small business. Register today and get ready to take your business to the next level with the SBA.

Comprehending Beneficial Ownership Information Reports (BOI)

Online - WebEx TX, United States

Join us for an enlightening webinar as we talk into the significance of Beneficial Ownership Information Reports (BOI) in today's regulatory landscape. Led by industry experts, this session will provide invaluable insights into why BOI is crucial for businesses, and regulatory bodies alike.

Key Highlights:

1. Understanding BOI: Gain a comprehensive understanding of what Beneficial Ownership Information entails and its pivotal role in combating financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorism financing.

2. Compliance Requirements: Explore the regulatory frameworks surrounding BOI and learn how organizations can ensure compliance effectively to avoid penalties and reputational risks.

3. Mitigating Risks: Learn strategies to identify and mitigate risks associated with beneficial ownership, empowering organizations to make informed decisions and safeguard their operations

60th Annual SER National Conference

Irving Convention Center 500 W Las Colinas Blvd, Irving, TX, United States

Join us for an incredible FREE event! Enjoy inspiring speakers, educational entrepreneurial workshops, and training—all with complimentary parking. Plus, don't miss out on our limited FREE vendor tables. End the day on a high note at our evening reception, complete with an open bar, delicious hors d'oeuvres, and exciting raffles. See you there!

2024 SER STEM Day

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We are over the moon to announce our special guest speaker for this year's event - Former NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration José Hernández! 🛰️ Join us on April 5th as he takes us on a cosmic journey and shares his awe-inspiring experiences from space exploration. 🌠 But that's not all - did you know Amazon made a movie about his incredible journey? 🎬 Get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics! 🚀 Save the date and prepare to be inspired! 🌏✨
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The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Online - WebEx TX, United States

This is a captivating webinar designed for those seeking to unlock their entrepreneurial potential and take their business ideas to the next level. We will explore the fundamental aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset, from growth mentality to resilience in the face of challenges. Through practical examples, inspiring case studies, and proven strategies, you will learn to cultivate the confidence, creativity, and determination necessary to succeed in the business world. We invite you to discover how to transform your thoughts and attitudes into concrete actions that lead you towards the entrepreneurial success you aspire to achieve.

Elevating Your Sales: Keys to Success in the Sales World

Online - WebEx TX, United States

This is a webinar titled "Elevating Your Sales", where we will explore two fundamental pillars for the success of the modern seller. Firstly, we will discuss the importance of having a "vitamin person, in your professional life”: someone who supports you in achieving your goals and is there during challenging times. We will learn how to cultivate strong and supportive relationships that drive your development as a seller. Secondly, we will delve into the art of becoming a true sales professional. You will discover strategies and techniques to prepare yourself and understand the sales process, as well as to authentically connect with your target audience.
We invite you to learn with us to acquire the necessary tools and achieve success in the competitive world of sales.

Entrepreneurial Resources that Matter

Online - WebEx TX, United States

Are you a small business owner looking for ways to grow your venture? Do you want to learn about the resources available in the Dallas Ecosystem to help you scale your business? If so, join us for this workshop where we will cover:
- Where to find funding, training, networking, and other opportunities in the Dallas Ecosystem.
- How to overcome the common challenges of scaling a small business, such as hiring, marketing, and managing cash flow.
- Why mentorship is important for small business owners and how to find a mentor who can guide you.

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