The Latino Educational Fund (LEF) is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to helping Latino achieve their full potential through higher education, career development and financial independence. For over six years, LEF has sought to empower the communities in which it serves. Since our establishment in 2010, we firmly believe that providing tools in the form of jobs, affordable housing, loans, job training, financial literacy and scholarships is the most effective means of empowering people to obtain gainful employment and build a legacy for themselves and for their families.

Heberto M. Sanchez, founded LEF in 2010 to create a much-needed resource to the Latino students and young adults by providing information on college preparedness, career development, financial awareness, entrepreneurship, loans and affordable housing. LEF’s mission is to prepare people with the resources necessary for advance education and financial knowledge to strive for a better life. The overall goal of the organization is to improve the well-being of people through education and financial resources.

LEF services are design to improve access to education, provide job training and increase employability. LEF seeks to achieve this through scholarships, career development, job search assistance, job counseling and job placement, financial literacy courses, entrepreneur courses, loans, and affordable housing. In addition to its financial literacy and entrepreneur courses LEF also helps people build credit through unsecured micro loans. LEF is a SER Jobs for Progress National affiliate organization.

Heberto M. Sanchez head shot