SER Rhode Island provides literacy and job training services for economically disadvantaged Rhode Islanders so that they may improve their quality of life.



Specialized Work Services
We help unemployed parents return to work through job search/coaching, transitional job placement, on-the-job training and a variety of other services and supports that help the parents gain new skills and work experience and ultimately, competitive employment.  [Funded with a grant from the RI Department of Human Services] 


Youth Work Experience 

This summer program exposes youth to the world of work through classroom and hands-on work experience at local businesses. [Funded through the RI Department of Labor and Training, and the RI Department of Human Services] 


Ex-Offender/Re-Entry Services 

Working closely with probation and parole, this program assists those recently released from prison in finding and retaining employment. [Funded through SER Jobs for Progress, Inc.]

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