Since 1979, SER-Jobs has held numerous contracts from a variety of funding sources whose goals coincide with those of our stated mission and is recognized in the Southeastern Massachusetts region as a leader in the adult education, training, and employment fields. Throughout its history, SER-Jobs has been a vibrant trendsetter and on the forefront of confronting the social, cultural, educational, and economic concerns of our community. Innovative approaches have been taken to forge collaborative enterprises and partnerships in an effort to maximize ever-dwindling resources. Consequently, SER-Jobs has made a conscious effort to involve social and linguistic minority organizations in educational investment partnerships. As a result, SER-Jobs has been invited by community organizations and social clubs to use their facilities for classes, graduation ceremonies and other functions; SER-Jobs has tapped into many community and linguistic minority organizations and churches for recruitment drives; and SER-Jobs has formed partnerships with many youth organization and social service programs in Fall River. We are proudly, a United Way Agency.

In this season of Thanksgiving, we are so grateful for the generosity of the Fall River Women’s Union from whom we just received $5000 to help support our Family Learning Center. Anne Snyder, President and Elizabeth Lane, Treasurer, visited us today to get to know the families their support will positively impact. Thank you Fall River Women’s Union!