The mission of the Tejano Center for Community Concerns is to develop education, social, health, and community institutions that empower families to transform their lives.


The Tejano Center for Community Concerns will continuously strive to be the premier nonprofit organization in the state of Texas.


The Tejano Center for Community Concerns (Tejano Center) was established in 1992 on Houston’s East End, a predominantly Hispanic populated area. By serving as an agent for change that empowered neighborhood residents, the Tejano Center’s goal was to improve lives and create a sustained network of support and opportunity within the community.

The early Tejano Center pioneers realized that the way to respond to community needs was to provide a comprehensive array of social, educational, economic, and housing services. Since its beginnings, the Tejano Center’s programs and services have progressively expanded in large part through strategic partnerships with such entities as the City of Houston, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Texas Education Agency, Baylor College of Medicine, the Harris County Juvenile Probation Office, and the National Council of La Raza. In 2002, becoming aware of similar needs in the greater Brownsville, Texas area, the Tejano Center expanded its programs into that South Texas area by adding a fourth campus to its Raul Yzaguirre Schools for Success.