The American GI Forum Education Foundation was established for the specific purpose of increasing the financial resources available to needy and qualified students pursuing a higher education. Over the last 40 years, the American GI Forum Eduction Foundation has allocated over $400,000 to deserving students of the Santa Maria Valley. The primary goal of the Education Foundation is to increase the number of scholarships granted yearly.

The American GI Forum Education Foundation also obtains funds that are used to assist veterans and their families experiencing various physical, emotional, or financial hardships.”

We invite your participation in this endeavor. All contributions are tax-deductible and will be accepted on behalf of the American GI Forum Education Foundation of Santa Maria.



Guadalupe Espinoza-Romero 
California State University Fullerton
Major: Linguistics and Spanish
Minor: Teaching English as a Second Language

“I would like to thank the GI Forum for supporting me in my education. This scholarship facilitated my move from Santa Maria to Fullerton. I would like to especially thank Helen and Willie Glavan for their support. I am currently completing my 3rd semester at CSUF, and I plan to graduate spring of 2019. After completing my undergrad, I plan to enroll in a single subject teaching credential program and hopefully come back to teach at Santa Maria High School.”



Lizbeth Piñon Sosa
San Jose State University
Major: Justice Studies
Emphasis: Criminology

“It has been a pleasure to be a recipient of the GI Forum Scholarship. This scholarship has helped me greatly in furthering my education and transferring to San Jose State. I was able to pay for my books as well as rent. Without this opportunity I would not have been able to afford my textbooks nor be able to pursue my goal. I will soon finish my first year at San Jose State as a Justice studies major with an emphasis in criminology. I look forward to continuing my education and being closer to reaching my goal of becoming a Crime Scene Investigator. I truly appreciate the opportunity I was given due to the generosity of the donors.”