Career and Technical Education

The National Center for Education Statistics defined Career and Technical programs (CTE) as “a sequence of courses at the high school level that provides students with the academic and technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education and careers in current or emerging professions.”

In the Spring of 2017, the center conducted a survey on the execution of CTE programs. 1,800 school districts across the country were asked how the CTE programs were structured, as well as the challenges they face, level of employer involvement, and the criteria for which programming decisions are made.

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Plano, Durham Lead Metro-Level Analysis of Senior Workforce

On July 8, Provision Living released an analysis of the senior workforce and growth within metropolitan areas across the country. Plano, Texas, occupies the top of the list with 25.4 percent of its senior population ages 65 or older remaining in the workforce. The metros with the next highest rates of labor force participation among seniors were Washington, D.C. and Anchorage, Alaska.

Analysts also documented senior workforce population growth from 2009 through 2017. Durham, N.C., leads the nation with a senior workforce growth of 109 percent. The next highest senior workforce growth rates were found in Plano and Austin, TX.

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2020 Election: Skills Training Support

According to the National Skills Coalition it is likely that there will be overwhelming support for skills training and government training in the 2020 elections. ALG Research conducted a research poll under the NSC in January.

These polling results found that ninety three percent of respondents said that they would support investments in skills training.

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White House – Hill Leaders Agree on Two-Year Budget Deal

President Trump announced a two-year budget agreement is in place – the compromise would increase fiscal 2020 spending limits on non-defense programs by about 4% over current levels to $621.5 billion. In addition, it would provide an extra $2.5 billion to account for a census funding adjustment. Another $8 billion in non-defense spending would continue for the Overseas Contingency Operations account in both fiscal 2020 and fiscal 2021.

For fiscal 2021, which begins Oct. 1, 2020, non-defense spending limits would be raised to $626.5 billion. The agreement also contains a two-year extension of the debt limit.

Assuming the agreement stays in place, a vote will take place before Members depart for the August recess.

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Trump to Nominate Eugene Scalia as Secretary of Labor

President Trump took to Twitter to announce is intention to nominate Eugene Scalia as secretary of labor, following the resignation Alexander Acosta. Here is what you should know about Scalia.

Scalia is now a partner in the law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher with specialization in employment law and administrative and regulatory law. His past federal government service includes working as a former solicitor for the Department of Labor and as a speechwriter for Education Secretary Benentt.