Nation’s Service-Employment-Redevelopment Network Says Women, Children and Seniors are Suffering and Need Relief Now

Irving, TX – Ignacio Salazar, President and CEO of SER NATIONAL, today issued the following statement as reports continue to arrive in the United States about the humanitarian crisis in Cuba taking a devastating toll on its population that is now pleading for the world’s help.

“Our hearts break as we learn of the terrible human suffering by the Cuban people who are bravely fighting against humankind’s common foe, the COVID-19 virus. The eyewitness accounts trickling out reveal an incredibly sad and tragic situation among the island’s poorest and most vulnerable, for whom every breath is a struggle to survive. As neighbors, we cannot remain silent and our humanity cries out to join the people of Cuba in their darkest moment of pain, loss, and need for assistance.

The latest information confirms that COVID-19 cases are soaring to an average of 6,374 a day and the Cuban people are in dire need of medical supplies to care for those persons afflicted. Also, we are seeing images from CUBA reminiscent of the massive lockdowns once experienced in the United States during the worst of the pandemic. These scenes reveal unimaginable economic devastation on the island as people are unable to work and provide for their loved ones.

One positive development is that restrictions have been lifted on critical essential items being brought in by travelers including medicine, hygiene products, and food. It is our sincere hope and desire that humanitarian actions can be expanded to facilitate an even greater flow of assistance by individuals and faith-based organizations willing to help.

We share the cry for vital aid on behalf of those whose voices are too young, too old, or too infirm to do so themselves. For every baby wailing in distress from the pangs of hunger, we cry out. For every Abuelo y Abuelita sighing in sorrow, we cry out, and for the usually joyful Cuban people, whose laughter has been replaced by profound sadness, we cry out. As neighbors all, it is the solemn and sacred duty of each of us to help el gran pueblo de Cuba!”


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