Today, September 15, begins a month-long celebration and acknowledgement of Hispanic Heritage. For the next month, join SER National as we celebrate a broader view of history that includes the influence and contributions Hispanics have bestowed upon the United States. Hispanics have influenced our history, culture and society. We applaud each and every one of the accomplishments of our Hispanic leaders and innovators.

We must recognize Hispanic history, both the well-known stories and the stories that remain untold. SER’s vision is to enable the Hispanic community and other underserved populations, to fully participate in the socio-economic mainstream, achieving equal access and parity in all aspects of American society.

People are our nation’s most valuable asset. Throughout National Hispanic Heritage month, we will do our best to elevate Hispanic voices and shine a light on the contributions the Hispanic community has provided the United States throughout our past and well into the future.

“We need to help students and parents cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens this community – and this nation.” César Chávez

Ignacio Salazar
President and CEO
SER Jobs for Progress National, Inc.