At SER Jobs For Progress, Inc. of San Joaquin Valley, we strive to help our community members throughout California acquire affordable housing and comprehensive management services. Our goal is to help better the community by giving people the boost they need during hard times. Our team dedicates their time to assisting individuals and families in need of support throughout the rental acquisition process.

Our rental properties are located across Fresno and beyond to give families, young professionals and retirees plenty of location choices. We keep the rentals in optimal condition by performing routine maintenance and emergency repairs as needed. Our residents can contact us anytime with questions, concerns and comments. Our commitment to remaining responsive to our residents ensures everyone always feels valued and supported throughout their rental market journey.

Beyond our quality rentals and management services, we have many support programs available to members of our diverse California communities. We welcome prospective and current clients to contact us today to learn more.


Our Mission

To provide individuals the opportunity to become self-sustaining, obtain a quality education, employment and training opportunities, childcare, affordable housing and other services that may benefit the community as a whole. To develop specific employment and training projects, educational programs including technology, develop affordable housing, childcare programs and create other services so that the individuals for whom this program is intended can reap the full measure of benefits to be derived there from.