SER Jobs for Progress National and the SER Network of Affiliates proudly celebrate March as America’s Women’s History Month. This is a special time to build awareness and acknowledge the many contributions women have made to our nation and their vital daily role in the success of the United States and Puerto Rico.

“This month is very special to SER Jobs for Progress National and the SER Network of Affiliates because, throughout our entire family of organizations, women are a very critical part of our story, our present, and what the future promises to bring,” says Ignacio Salazar, SER National President, and Chief Executive Officer.  “At every level and in all aspects of carrying our mission, women have a presence, a voice, and the power to influence and direct our daily work. What is most exciting, to the point that we can share with great zeal, is the exhilaration we feel when we witness the lives women impact through their example and serving as amazing role models. Their strength, dedication, compassion, and the business and organizational insight they bring to the table are impressive. They make us a more successful and effective agency,” adds Salazar.

Women’s History Month began in 1982 as a weeklong observance, and through continuing resolutions in Congress, the observance grew until 1995. This is when by presidential proclamation, March began serving as a period set aside to recognize women’s many contributions to our country. This includes developing educational presentations and exhibits and creating academic-based studies that intentionally focused on how women impacted every industry, business category, and profession in the United States.

“That it took us until the 1980s to even begin acknowledging women in this way seems incredible today,” says Salazar. “Indeed, we can be glad that our society has evolved in understanding and appreciation for the essence and benefits of embracing collaboration, irrespective of gender. Today, women occupy the C-suites of some of the most successful enterprises and have mastered the art of building coalitions to achieve progress for all. There is no doubt that in the future, women will look back and wonder why we need just one month to acknowledge women when their tenacity, talent, and teamwork are present 365 days a year. We salute them!” said Salazar.