SER National is proud to join the global community in honoring the life and impact of the late civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The King holiday observance provides us unique opportunities to unite in reflection and celebration on the meaning of equity and equality of America’s founding promise. MLK Day’s theme is, ‘Shifting the Cultural Climate through the Study and Practice of Nonviolence,” as did Dr. King throughout his life’s work.

“The theme of MLK Day is especially significant to us this year because it embodies what SER National has seen as its mission for 60 years,” says Ignacio Salazar, President and CEO. “Our more than one million plus participants we touch every year understand and are committed to the belief of self-help and initiative and come in a collaborative spirit to seek their pathway toward a future of self-sufficiency for themselves and their families. We are dedicated, as was Dr. King, to the improvement and transformation of our communities, one life, one person at a time,” says Salazar.

Also, SER National and the SER Network of Affiliates are aligned with the Department of Labor’s workforce development policies reflected in Executive Order 13985. This vision focuses on the importance of addressing the needs of workers who come from historically underserved communities. It is vital to be inclusive of every sector of our country’s workforce, including low-paid workers, women of color workers, LGBTQ+ workers, workers with disabilities, veterans, and immigrant workers. SER’s ultimate goal is to ensure that all working people and those seeking employment have the tools, opportunity, and voice to thrive in our society.

“There is no greater calling for us right now than service to others in meaningful ways that help improve the daily lives of the individuals in our programs,” says Salazar. “MLK Day reminds us that we are overcoming the seemingly insurmountable odds. At times, it may seem that the benefits are incremental, but step back, and you will see the larger impact. Work and purpose transform how individuals feel about themselves, inspiring us to continue as we have for six decades.”

As we observe MLK Day 2024, let us all be motivated by the spirit and actions of Dr. King, working collaboratively towards a future marked by self-sufficiency and service to others. Even more extraordinary, may we appreciate that every person’s life is worthwhile, has value before God, and can for one another.