As the nation commemorates the historic Battle of Puebla on Cinco de Mayo, SER Jobs for Progress National, Inc. (SER National) reflects on the strength of the Hispanic community and its significant contributions to the workforce and economy of the United States. This year’s celebration marks not only a pivotal moment in Mexican history but also serves as a reminder of the increasing presence and labor power that characterize Hispanic and Latino American workers.

“Latinos in the United States are poised to meet our country’s workforce needs now and in the future as the fastest growing and largest demographic of younger men and women,” says Ignacio Salazar, President & CEO. “Our nation’s educational pipeline, training, and skills development capacity is being challenged to keep pace with this historical growth. This is why the SER Network of Affiliates works daily in anticipation of this continued exponential demand. Together, we can ensure that the sheer number of Latinos in labor translates into economic advancement and opportunities for generations to come,” adds Salazar.

Latinos in the United States constitute a vital workforce component, representing approximately 20% of the population and workforce. With a median age of 38.5 years on the job, Hispanic workers are younger than their non-Hispanic counterparts, making significant contributions to the labor force.

“We continue to meet the workforce needs of our country in many areas, including the building trades, service industries, and manufacturing,” states Salazar. “However, we are also emerging as a vital force in technological areas, including software sciences, the latest healthcare jobs, and AI-driven sectors. SER National is aligning vital stakeholders across the United States and Puerto Rico because we see the challenges and opportunities and are committed to being ready for both,” adds Salazar.

The U.S. Census Bureau projects that by 2040, more than one in four Americans will be Hispanic, highlighting the growing influence of this community. According to the U.S. Latino GDP Report, if Latinos living in the United States were an independent country, their GDP would rank fifth in the world at $3.2 trillion, underscoring their significant economic impact.

Despite their contributions, disparities in pay and job opportunities persist for Hispanic and Latino workers. Initiatives aimed at providing better outcomes, including education and retraining programs that prepare and transition workers to new high-wage, high-demand employment, are crucial to addressing these disparities and ensuring sustainable incomes for Latino families.

“As a nation, we are stronger in unity of purpose and in the shared vision that our country’s history is inextricably linked to the integration of immigrants into the fabric of America,” emphasized Salazar. “Together, we can ensure that the sheer number of Latinos in labor translates into economic advancement and opportunities for future generations.”

As SER National observes Cinco de Mayo 2024, it reaffirms its commitment to empowering Hispanic and Latino communities through education, training, and economic development initiatives. By breaking down barriers to workforce success, we pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future.