Nation’s Service-Employment-Redevelopment Network Invites All Its Program Participants, Sponsors, and Network of Affiliates to Pause for Peace and Goodwill
SER National shared the following holiday message as millions of people begin to gather to celebrate the season with family and friends.

“SER National respects that this is the time of year when we each observe the profound beauty of our individual faith and freedoms,” said Ignacio Salazar, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Yet, in our hurried modern lives, pausing to gift ourselves the time to reflect is challenging. Indeed, the virtue theology scholars say Americans seek most and often have least is time for gratitude. There are greater and more meaningful truths worthy of our time this holiday season. Among them are our individual God-given talents and how we can share these with others,” says Salazar.

Across the United States, trends show distinct regional differences in aptitudes and skill sets. For 58 years, SER National and its SER Network of Affiliates have celebrated the diversity of America’s workforce and tailored its programs to meet participants where they are. Interestingly, new data detailed within the 2022 Global Skills Report is emerging that affirms the SER model. For example, training programs on an online platform with 100 million users found that participants along the Pacific Coast, the Northeast, or the Upper Midwest score higher in business skills. Yet, the perfect scores in mobile development technology skills were by Mountain region learners.

“Today, America invites all persons to partake in the opportunity of self-improvement through education, not simply a privileged few,” says Salazar. So, while some metrics may show other countries leading in digital performance, supply chain systems, or mobile development, the USA is the one place on earth where we each contribute to the larger whole without losing our individuality or the rewards of our personal striving. This is the beauty of our remarkable experiment called democracy, now enduring nearly 250 years. I am honored to lead a dedicated team that is part of the larger SER family devoted to the power of life-changing transformation through training and workforce development. This is our greatest gift to share this holiday season, and we are blessed to do so with the full knowledge of our faith that our most significant rewards are still ahead,” says Salazar.