At SER National, July 4th holds profound patriotic importance, as it is for all Americans, marking the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Although it only became a federal holiday in 1941, its celebration dates back to the late 18th century. The holiday is known for its vibrant displays of the American flag and fireworks as we honor our founders’ sacrifices for freedom.

“At SER National, we strive to instill in each of the more than one million stakeholders we serve every year that the greatest freedom is the privilege and opportunity to decide for themselves how they will fulfill their purpose in their lives and within society,” says Ignacio Salazar, President and CEO. “Our role is to inspire independence, explore their talents and skills, and help shape those into a new career, profession, trade, or business. The SER Network of Affiliates encourages its staff to celebrate the core values each of them brings to the team. Together, they can achieve greater success. In the same way, July 4th reminds us we are greater together,” he adds.

Another significant aspect of July 4th is the reminder that individual Americans can improve the workplace. Each person is instrumental in shaping the prosperous country we know today. We champion the standard workday, weekends off, paid vacations, and numerous other labor privileges each of us enjoy.

“This workplace landscape is bearing fruit at a record level,” says Salazar. “According to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau for Labor Statistics, three of every four women in America are working and earning money for themselves and their families. Meanwhile, the rate of men working is better than before the pandemic, or 86.4%,” he adds.

This trend reflects our country’s resilience and the American spirit of adapting and overcoming challenges, which is as strong as ever. As we celebrate this long weekend, let us recognize our achievements and the blessings they bring to our country. Yet, let us strive for even more workplace equity and equality.

“I would encourage everyone this July 4th to go out and enjoy their time with family and friends, mindful of how fortunate we are to work, live, and play in the USA,” says Salazar. “May this holiday be a time to reach out to neighbors we may not know or make new friends in the spirit of a birthday where each of us plays an important role. SER National will continue to promote that spirit year-round so that every day is a new opportunity to be proud of being an American,” he adds.

Happy Independence Day from SER National and the SER Network of Affiliates!