SER National launched its live SER Webinar Series!

Hundreds of students, teachers, Hispanic leaders and more have benefitted from the education, employment and empowerment experts and role models that SER features.

Employment Training: 1st Thursday at 3:00 pm CT
STEM Talk: 2nd Thursday at 3:00 pm CT
Education Session: 3rd Thursday at 3:00 pm CT
SER MUJER Entrepreneurship Session*: 4th Thursday at 3:00 pm CT

All upcoming SER webinars are on our events page.

Click Here to see our Event Page


SER Webinar:

  • Featured speakers from NASA, SBA, Rockwell Automation, Boeing, Ford, and many other corporations and government agencies.
  • Webinar attendance with over 500 participants as of August 2020.  The amount of participants continues to increase every week.
  • Viewers from ages six to over 55.
  • Viewers have logged in from seven countries and 27 states, ranging from Mexico to Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.

*A special thanks to our SER MUJER webinar series sponsor, General Motors.

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