UPDATE: SER National Managed Print Services RFP Q&A

For the Ricoh Aficio MP 301SPF models, do you have them on desktops or with stands or a combination?

Our current MP 301SPF units in our remote offices are primarily on desktops.


Can you please elaborate on the monitoring of the units for repairs?

SER desires to be able to centrally manage the administration of the units for repairs, manage usage, and ordering supplies.


What is the monthly volume on each of the units?

  1. Ricoh MP C4503 / B&W, Color
  2. Ricoh MP C2551 / B&W, Color
  3. Ricoh  MP 301SPF / B&W


SER’s two current C4503 models average 30,000 B&W pages and 3,000 Color pages per month

SER’s current C2551 models at the Headquarters office average 800 B&W pages and 800 Color pages per month.

SER’s 301SPF models that are used and HQ and in remote offices range from 98 to 2500 pages per month.


On the high volume multifunction devices, can you please elaborate on the monitoring you need with Job Accounting?

We would like to track the specific usage amongst the separate departments.


The 19 desktop units, Ricoh MP301SPF replacements typically do not have internal finishers and you are requesting all units have finishers.  Can you please elaborate?

Finishers would be required for the high volume devices as we have certain printing requirements for booklets and pamphlets.


For the 19 desktop units, how many paper trays are you requesting?

The desktop units will only require one tray.


The bid is requesting all units must be from the same manufacturer and operate in a similar manner. If a company carries different manufacturers, can we offer an equal?



In the bid you are requesting all devices at 30 ppm and high be able to print up to 110 lb index in 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14 and 11 x 17 stock.  Typically, desktop units print up to 8.5 x 14 and 24 lb bond.  What documents are you currently printing on your desktop units?

Desktop units will not require higher bond paper. The high volume units are requested to be able to print up to 110 lb bond.


Are the number of printers requested in the RFP 21 or 22?



Are there any badging in any of your office locations?

There is badging for staff at the Headquarters office. It is managed by the leasing management of the office building where SER resides.


Are you requesting automatic shipping of ink/toner?



Please explain the reason for the MPS RFP. Ricoh has been the previous vendor for your managed print services.

As an agency that receives Federal funds, SER is required to periodically procure services via a competitive bidding process.