Nation’s Service-Employment-Redevelopment Network Invites Us To Express Gratitude For Those Who Have Helped Us Endure

Irving, TX – Ignacio Salazar, SER National Chief Executive Officer, issued the following statement as we gather with loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, each in our way and place but all with a deep sense of heartfelt gratitude at this time.

“It was this time last year that our nation faced one of its most significant tests in our lifetimes as the pandemic raged and tens of thousands of people filled hospital beds as uncertainty loomed before us. Those were difficult days when celebrating Thanksgiving meant young and old gathering and perhaps endangering the well-being of family members and close friends. So many of us decided to forego the special celebration, and instead, we shared the day virtually or reflected and prayed in our personal private space.

Now, twelve months later, much has changed, and we have the opportunity to come together again. This Thanksgiving Day, we can say thank you for all that has happened to transform the darkness of our fears into the bright dawn of hope for our nation and the world. Irrespective of our spiritual walk and faith, we can as kindred spirits acknowledge each other, even if still from behind a mask or a safe social distance. We are here, alive, which is in itself the most remarkable single gift. Now, we can use each day more intentionally to make our world better, more loving, and considerate.

Also, we can express our gratitude to the doctors, nurses, and every single health care provider for being the guardians who ventured out every day to care for us and did everything they could for those they could not save. We can thank the first responders who faithfully reported to their police or fire stations and patrolled or stood watch to keep us safe from harm as we remained behind closed doors. And yes, we can say a heartfelt thank you to the millions of farmworkers, meatpackers, warehouse crews, truckers, grocery store stockers, and cashiers who made sure America was nourished.

Yes, we are a bountiful nation made stronger by the confluence of our gifts, skills, and experiences. We are also abundantly blessed because our founders foresaw times of trials and tribulation and created the framework for us to endure and prevail. The most significant expression of our gratitude is to protect that which unites us across our great land. May we on this Thanksgiving Day rededicate ourselves to America’s promise for future generations of all cultures and the assurance of freedom and liberty for all.”

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