As the election draws nearer, SER National encourages everyone to vote! We have a chance to make our voices heard – each one of our voices.  Voting has the power to make real change in our country and our communities.  Voting affects more than who is in the White House – it impacts our daily lives.  It affects our businesses, our taxes, our education systems, and more.

SER provides training and educational opportunities to the Hispanic community and other under-resourced populations so they may participate in the socio-economic mainstream, achieving equal access, parity and a voice in all aspects of American society.  Voting is a crucial responsibility in our American society.

In the United States, the Hispanic population surpassed 60 million in 2019.  That means there are millions of voices who must speak up and let their voice be heard at the polls.  Together, we can’t be silenced.  We hope you’ll join us and vote this year and every year to come.

Ignacio Salazar
President & CEO
SER National