Nation’s Service-Employment-Redevelopment Network Honors His Lifetime of Championing America’s Constitutional Guarantees for Millions of Latinos

Ignacio Salazar, SER National Chief Executive Officer, issued the following statement upon the passing of Luis Roberto Vera, Jr., National General Counsel for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). On Sunday, the respected civil rights leader died at his home in San Antonio, Texas, after a long illness. He was 65.

Vera blazed a historic path throughout his nearly 30-year legal career. He created social justice coalitions that catapulted state and federal lawsuits on behalf of Latinos into the national headlines. These legal actions ranged from education, voting rights, housing, and sanctuary cities to redistricting and immigration policies. He grew up and remained in San Antonio, Texas, where he served the Latino community. Vera earned his undergraduate and a graduate degree in political science from St. Mary’s University and a law¬†degree from the Western New England University School of Law.

“SER NATIONAL and Latinos across our country and Puerto Rico have lost a great voice and defender of our freedoms, privileges, and rights assured to every man, woman, and child. His life was an example of accepting our duties and responsibilities on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves. Luis showed a passionate conviction for upholding the spirit and the letter of the law. He fought with relentless devotion to his community, especially immigrants fleeing inhumane conditions in the countries where they lived. Luis worked tirelessly on behalf of those who arrived at our borders, believing America is still a place that welcomes the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Several of his cases reached the United States Supreme Court, an affirmation that the young lawyer from the working-class neighborhoods of Texas was impacting the very foundation of our nation’s legal framework. Although reluctant to be in the spotlight, he accepted two very distinct honors to recognize his lifetime of service to the Latino community. He received the 2017 Ohtli Award, one of the highest honors bestowed by the Mexican Government upon a Latino leader. Also, he was awarded the Presidential Medal in 2019 by the League of United Latin American Citizens. His most recent actions centered on challenging changes in election laws passed by the Republican-led Texas legislature and signed by Governor Greg Abbott. Vera continued working daily on these cases up until very recently. We shall miss his passion, selflessness, and devotion to service to others. To his wife Rose and the Vera family, we send our deepest and heartfelt condolences. May Luis rest in peace.”