UPDATE RFP: Managed IT Services Q & A

Q: Please provide more detail of your on-site support requirement? Please describe your Laptop/Desktop support requirement? Is it your expectation for the provider to fix laptops / desktops at your National offices as part of your onsite requirement?

A: Current support in place includes:

  • Proactive Maintenance of Servers
    • Microsoft Windows Servers
      • Weekly analysis of
        1. Errors, warning, and informational alerts concerning:
          • Applications and database(s) running on the server(s)
          • Operating system, services and servers(s) hardware
          • System and Network Security and intrusion detection
        2. Server disk space, utilization and health of server(s)
        3. Print queues, terminal server sessions, mail queues, bad mail, etc.
        4. Memory usage and Virtual memory utilization
        5. Processor utilization and performance
        6. Server Health Monitor Alerts (Microsoft Windows Servers only)
      • Daily review of backup log (assumes server has email capability)
      • Weekly confirmation that antivirus programs are updating on server(s)
      • Weekly running of Windows Updates on server(s), including installation of any pertinent service packs, security updates, ad patches
      • Reporting (monthly) of any problem resolution, status of hot fixes or patches applied
    • Deliverables expected
      • Monthly reporting (or more frequent if needed) on any issues, including:
        1. Internet line monitoring
        2. Support Tickets
        3. Visio WAN Drawing
        4. Network Documentation
  • Business Disruption Avoidance and Disaster Planning and Preparation
    • Microsoft Windows Servers
      • Create a Disaster Recovery Plan
      • Review of Backup Calendar
      • Semi-Annual restore of randomly selected tape media of
        1. Exchange Mailbox (assumes Microsoft Exchange Server)
        2. Selected files and folders
        3. Mission Critical application’s database (if applicable)
      • Semi-Annual analysis of integrity of all tape media
      • Monthly (of as necessary) cleaning of tape drives(s)
      • Quarterly test of UPS (battery backup) shut down procedures and battery life time
      • Semi-Annual test of RAID functionality and rebuild procedures
    • Deliverables expected
      • Reporting as needed on the following information:
        1. Backup log errors and warnings and why- as they demand attention
        2. Files that are skipped during backup operation – as they demand attention
        3. Files and/or folders that are excluded from the backup operation and why
        4. Results from testing of UPS, RAID, and restore tests
        5. Age and replacement dates of all media
        6. Any corrective actions taken
        7. Any future concerns regarding the issues (if any)
        8. Plans or recommendations to resolve any issues
  • Helpdesk and Technical Liaison
    • On call support services (standard: desktop/user outage)
      • Standard Business hours M-F 800am-500pm
    • On call support services (emergency: server/network outage)
      • 24 hours a day, & days a week, 365 days a year
    • Phone support
    • Email support services
    • Remote support of servers and desktops
    • Documentation file (Creation and upkeep of all records) including:
      • Network Map
      • Server configuration, installation, and patches applied
      • Vendor contact information
      • Software licenses and Hardware purchases (invoices, media, packing slips, etc)
      • Warranty and service plan information
      • Policies and Procedures (changing passwords, adjusting folder permissions, etc)
    • Vendor Liaison
      • Interact with all hardware and software vendors on behalf of the organization to ensure proposals, pricing, and work performed are accurate and satisfactory
    • Budgetary process
      • Work closely with technology related expenditures portion of annual budget
      • Anticipate future need for planning purposes
  • Service Level
    • Entire Organization
      • Guaranteed response time (call back of email)
        1. Non-Urgent (desktop or single user) issues – 24 hours M-F 8-5
        2. Emergency (server or network) issues – 8 hours 24x7x365
      • Guaranteed on site response time (if on site visit required for resolution)
        1. Non-Urgent (desktop or single user) issues – 48 hours M-F 8-5
        2. Emergency (server or network) issues – 24 hours 24x7x365
      • 24x7x365 Emergency paging service
      • All on call technicians have cell phones that will respond to an emergency service request 24 hour a day.

Q: Is there an Incumbent? What Company has been supporting your organization and how long have they been supporting SER National?

A: Current provider is Sagitta Systems, LLC.

Q: What has been the annual spend for this support over the last 2 years? On Pricing – are we to provide a Monthly Service cost to accomplish the tasks in the RFP? What is your pricing expectation for ad hoc onsite support?

A: Up to $100,000/Year.

Q: Training – is it your expectation that MAI provides IT training to your National office staff or Personal Development training to your clientele?

A: User training may be required for new applications, updates to current applications, and new user orientation. Web-based delivery would be preferred due to the distribution of staff.

Q: How many Users?

A: Approximately 100.

Q: System admins?

A: 2

Q: Hardware (devices)? Leased vs owned equipment?

A: Both

Q: Software (antivirus, Vbs script, Enterprise help desk solution)

A: Windows Server, Antivirus – Symantec, Enterprise Help Desk Solution – Vendor provided, Acronis backup solutions

Q: Software configuration manager? Current Ticketing system?

A: Vender designed

Q: Avg daily/monthly tickets?

A:  7/150

Q: What applications are currently being utilized?

A: MIP Accounting, ChildPlus and CORAdvantage to support Early Head Start programs,



Will the proposal also include telephony support? What type of system is in place?

Yes. Headquarters phone system is currently set to be replaced. Current system is a Samsung 7200 phone system.

Future planned tasks? Refreshes, deployments, upgrades, and the additional budget for items?

Disaster Recovery Test. Replacement of current Fiber internet at headquarters office. Replacement of phone system. New Managed Print Services agreement.



Creating a Vibrant and Healthy Community for All!


Dear Friends,

What a way to begin La Alianza’s next chapter in our new location! On May 20th over 400 community members, 20 event sponsors, 30 in-kind donors and local businesses joined us to fill our new space with love and encouragement. Many generations of La Alianza supporters were standing with us, including our intrepid founder, Frieda Garcia. Frieda’s vision 45 years ago still guides and grounds us today–La Alianza is here to improve the lives of Latinos and other communities every day.

We were honored to witness a moving speech from Mayor Marty Walsh; a call to action from our lead sponsor Guardian Health’s CEO, Jose de la Rosa; a beautiful bilingual message of support from Secretary Alice Bonner of the Executive Office of Elder Affairs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; family caregiver testimony from Fernandito Bosa (El Mundo Boston and El Planeta Media Boston) and Rafael Torres (President of Don Quijote Tours); as well as a deeply moving blessing from Pastor Samuel Acevedo of Congregación León de Judá. The always vibrant Alberto Vasallo III, President and CEO of El Mundo Boston, served as Emcee, making this a truly special event. The energy from this event will fuel our work in the future!

We want to extend our gratitude to our wonderful in-kind donors, local businesses and community partners. Boston Police Department’s Ice Cream Truck served up some yummy fun; City Fresh Foods, El Oriental de Cuba, Fair Foods, Olive Garden, Stop & Shop and Yely’s Coffee Shop fed 400 with nutritious and culturally appropriate food; Perfectly Balanced Life and Yvette Cajigas were on hand for yoga, massage and relaxation; Walgreens provided health screenings; Gian Carlo Buscaglia and The Latin Swing Group entertained us; and SnapChef, Year Up and many of our sponsors were on hand to talk about educational and job opportunities in our community.

I’m happy to share with you that we exceeded our goal of raising $45K for our 45 years! Please scroll down to see the list of our generous sponsors. Every dollar raised will go directly to support our mission of providing advocacy, education, social and public health services to Latino and other communities in Greater Boston. With the ongoing commitment from our supporters, our doors will welcome people-in-need today and for the next 45 years.

Thank you for standing with La Alianza Hispana.

With heartfelt thanks,

Marisol Amaya-Aluigi
Executive Director

RFP: Managed Information Technology Services

SER-Jobs for Progress National, Inc.®

Cultivating America’s Greatest Resource: People

100 East Royal Lane Suite 130 • Irving, Texas 75039

Request for Quote: Managed Information Technology Services

Released: May 26, 2017

Deadline for Responses: June 26, 2017 @ 12pm CST

Services for the Period of: July 16, 2017 – June 30, 202o

Inquiries and proposals should be directed to:

Keith A. Overton, CPA, CF
p: 469-549-3657 | f: 469-549-3687



Section 1 – General Information

A. Purpose of this Request for Quote (RFQ)

SER-Jobs for Progress National, Inc. (SER) is presently seeking competitive bids from vendors able to provide MANAGED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES. The winning vendor will provide hardware, network, and software support, helpdesk, backup and recovery, remote access and on-site support, email maintenance and support, data security, and disaster recovery.

The winning vendor is also expected to assist SER-National IT Management with long-term planning to keep systems current and functional in the most cost-effective manner possible. The vendor will also work to manage and prioritize work requests from various departments.

The overall goal of this RFP is to procure long-term, comprehensive, reliable, timely, and proactive IT management and support that will promote the mission of SER-Jobs for Progress National, Inc. in serving its constituents.


B. Who May Respond

Vendors providing Information Technology Consulting, Hosting, and Support services may apply.

C. Services Solicited in this RFP

Comprehensive managed infrastructure and network services to include, but are not exclusive:

  • On-Site Support
  • Help Desk Support
  • After Hours Support
  • Response Time/Problem Resolution Time
  • Travel Time
  • Training
  • Regular In-Person Business Review
  • Regular reporting on system health in business terms
  • Response to major system problems or outages

Office Locations (for On-Site and Offsite Support):

  • Texas – Irving (Home Office), Fort Worth, Beaumont, Houston
  • Colorado – Fort Collins, Lakewood, Durango, Grand Junction, Trinidad
  • Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Fond du Lac, Monona, Rheinlander, Spooner, Waukesha
  • Kansas – Chanute, Hays, Dodge City, Topeka, Wichita, Kansas City
  • Missouri – St. Joseph, Columbia
  • DC – Washington, DC

Maintenance and Service Requirements

Please provide details in your proposal on how your proposal meets or does not meet each item in the above sections; and answer to any questions included above. Please organize your response by section and answer every point in each section.


SER National Washington Update: FY18 Budget Proposal Released

May 24, 2017


While the President is on his first international trip, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released its budget proposal on May 23, 2017.

Entitled “The New Foundation for American Greatness”, the budget proposed $670 billion in defense discretionary spending and $560 billion in non-defense discretionary spending in 2018. Over the next 10 years, it hopes to balance the budget with a  $3.6 trillion in spending reductions. As proposed, there is $54 billion in reductions to non-defense discretionary spending for FY18.

The $54 billion in reductions comes from cuts and changes to Medicaid, Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), student loans, Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit Programs. The budget also assumes savings from the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Other cuts come from changes in the federal retirement system, which accounts or the largest area of savings. The proposal eliminates the cost-of-living-adjustments (COLA) for employees in the Federal employee retirement system (FERS and the Civil Service Retirement System (SCRS) COLA by .5 percent among other things. These cuts alone would save $4.1 billion in 2018.

The proposal also includes $2.6 billion in infrastructure, technology, and personnel to begin the President’s plans for the U.S.-Mexico border. Also included is six weeks of paid parental leave for mothers and fathers in the federal workforce.

The text of the proposal says that it will eliminate ineffective programs.

The proposal cuts the Department of labor by 2.4 billion dollars.

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney speaking on the budget Tuesday recognized that Congress may create a final budget that does not contain everything this proposal has included. He said. “If congress has a different way to get to that endpoint, God bless them, that’s great… do I expect them to work with the administration on trying to figure out places where we’re on the same page? Absolutely.”

Julian Martinez
Washington, DC

Lindsey Lucente contributed to this article.

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