Happy Women’s History Month! Congress declared March as Women’s History Month for the first time in 1987. While we should always honor and respect women’s role in every aspect of our history, this month, we vow to amplify those voices and highlight those contributions even more.

Think about it – without women, we wouldn’t have the hand sanitizer gel (Lupe Hernandez), laser cataract surgery (Dr. Patricia Era Bath), fire escapes (Anna Connelly), medical syringes (Letitia Geer), and so many other things that make our lives healthier, safer and just better all around.

Throughout history, society hasn’t allowed women to sit at the table with their male counterparts. They had to work so much harder to be heard and respected, persevering and developing grit and determination along the way.

While we continue to strive for more progress, women’s history is still being made each day. Kamala Harris has shattered the glass ceiling as our first female vice president.

To these brave women, to our mothers and daughters, our aunts and grandmothers, we celebrate you and honor you. At SER National, we hope to support and elevate your work both this month and in the future. Thank you for your grace, passion, and courage. We salute you.