Contribute to Dollar per Child for #HeadStartAwareness month!

Contribute to Dollar per Child for #HeadStartAwareness month!


Kicking off week 2 of #HeadStartAwareness month with Money Money Money Mondays! We are always looking for fun ways to fundraise here at NHSA HQ, and we wanted to share one of our favorite ways with you. The Head Start Advantage documentary is a great way to convey the importance of Head Start to members of your community – invite them to your programs for "movie night" and raise money for Dollar Per Child by charging $2 for a ticket and popcorn! What's your favorite way to fundraise for Dollar Per Child?

Posted by National Head Start Association on Monday, October 9, 2017


This Head Start Advantage documentary is a great way to convey the importance of Head Start to members of your community. Millions of American children are in need of opportunity for success in life that Head Start provides. Through Dollar per Child, the National Head Start Society (NHSA) ensures that the voices of these children and their families are heard. For more information on the campaign and where your contributions go, click HERE.


Red Alliance Wins Robotics Championship

Red Alliance Wins Robotics Championship


SER Sunset competed this weekend at the NTX Tournament of Robots FIRST Robotics Competition – Off-season Event. The teams listed below formed the Red Alliance and they took the Championship at this weekend event. Twenty-five teams from across Texas and Oklahoma were represented. For more information you can visit    


Red Alliance

6751 – RoboFlash, Dallas – Sunset HS

3005 – Robochargers, Dallas

3310 – Black hawks Robotics, Rockwall



Ms. Tatum (Sunset Coach), received the Mentor Award.

Team 3005 mentored Sunset last year and will continue to mentor us in 2017-18. They definitely deserve a lot of credit for us being part of the Red Alliance this weekend. Next is Regionals and our goals is making to Nationals! The same goes for all of our teams.



Thank you to our Sponsors – FedEx and GM we could not do it without you.


GM - SER National
SER EHS Team Goes to DC

SER EHS Team Goes to DC


How exciting… SER EHS attended the Families Unite for Head Start Rally and Hill Day in DC.  The Pennsylvania Head Start Association organized a bus trip for families and staff across the State to travel to the U.S. Capital. They joined people from across the country to make their voices heard by participating in an Early/Head Start spirit rally on Capitol Hill which featured Head Start Ambassadors, Members of Congress, and other special guests. Following the rally, participants walked to the US House of Representatives and the US Senate to meet with Members of Congress.



They shared important information including personal stories of how Early/Head Start benefits families and children, and additional funding needs – with Congressman Beto O’Rourke



We thank them for taking time to advocate for this important cause – early childhood education!


SER – Jobs for Progress, Inc. Santa Fe , NM

SER – Jobs for Progress, Inc. Santa Fe , NM

SER is a private, nonprofit corporation providing educational and workforce opportunities in 14 counties throughout northern and central New Mexico. Since 1970, SER has helped address the needs of New Mexico’s communities by empowering individuals and businesses with the necessary resources to grow and prosper. SER’s ultimate goal is to place its program participants in permanent, productive and unsubsidized employment.

Headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, SER presently provides Workforce Investment Act (WIA) services, partners with Santa Fe Public Schools to provide GED preparation and instruction and manages a Child Development Center that serves our community and program participants by providing childcare services. SER is an acronym for ”Service, Employment and Redevelopment” and in Spanish, SER means ”to be”.

SER is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of representatives from communities throughout New Mexico.

Mission & Vision

For over 30 years, we have dedicated our time and effort to addressing the needs of New Mexico communities by empowering individuals and businesses with the necessary resources to grow and prosper. Our mission is to place our program participants in permanent, productive, unsubsidized employment.

From GED programs and employment training to childcare and pre-employment screenings, our vision is to provide the training and skills needed to create a permanent skilled workforce in New Mexico communities.

Success Stories

Bernalillo County


Employed Worker Training – Utility Light Table – 09/12/2017-09/13/2017

T&D Services, LLC Accounting Manager Greg Carr reached out to the WIOA program with the intent to send a new employee to train for the entry level engineer position he recently filled. T&D Services, LLC continues to expand and through new contracts with specific clientele the Employed Worker Training subsidies allowed T&D to train an Engineer Level 1 employee by sending him to a two day Milsoft Utility Light Table Software training accumulating 16 total hours. The training was intended to aide in the knowledge of the software program that is widely used in the utility industry to simulate devises, like fuse and reclosers in electrical circuitry. The employee is a recent college graduate with little work or industry experience and this training assisted in him being able to make more of a contribution to the team and enables him to be able to work on more projects with his advanced skills.

Alvin Sanders

Alvin became part of the WIOA program in February 2016. After being a Real Estate Consultant and working as an Administrative Assistant for Goodwill, Mr. Sanders decided it was time to retire and give back to the community. Alvin Sanders came to WIOA seeking assistance in obtaining a degree in Human Services with a concentration in Substance Abuse studies at CNMCC with the goal of becoming a Licensed Substance Abuse Associate (LSAA.) After 4 semesters in school training, Alvin obtained a Human Services Associates degree and is working under supervision of a licensed drug abuse counselor in order to obtain his LSAA State License. While working close to this counselor, Mr. Sanders obtained the opportunity of employment with the Albuquerque Center for Hope and Recovery as a counselor at $15.00 per hour. Alvin Sanders is looking to continue his education in the future and gain a LADAC license “my ultimate goal is to help the minority groups in the community who are struggling with Alcoholism and Drug abuse” client also states, “I would like to thank WIOA program for allowing me the opportunity to accomplish my mission of helping others.”

Diana Rivera

Diana was working in a position that she enjoyed for nine years, when suddenly she was given the news that the company was relocating to another country.  Diana was in a career that she enjoyed and thought that she would be working in the Electrical Assembly Industry for many years to come.  She took the opportunity to explore the options that were available to her through the WCCNM center and had a conversation with a Career Counselor in regard to educational options that were available through the WIOA program.  Diana attended an orientation in order to gain information, and decided that this was the chance to transition into the Health Care Industry.  Diana began the process of reviewing the Dental Assistant program at New Mexico Institute of Dental Assisting and decided that this learning environment would be the perfect fit for her.  She began attending and had a few struggles in understanding the methods until one day, she finally understood her role and the dedication she would have to apply in order to successful in the field.  Diana completed the Dental Assistant program at the top of her class, went through the clinical rotation and was hired as a Certified Dental Assistant upon successful completion of the DANB (Dental Assistant National Board) exam.  She is currently employed as a Dental Assistant at Smiles for Kids Dentistry and Orthodontics and is working 40 hours per week, earning $14.00 per hour.  Diana is extremely grateful for the opportunity that the WIOA program has provided for her and plans to advance to a Degree in Dental Hygiene once she has mastered Dental Assisting.

Melissa Flores

Kumba Coffee is a café inspired by coffee and tea from Africa. Owner Patrick Mapalo is from Zambia Africa and has opened a Kumba Coffee in downtown Albuquerque.  Patrick made a visit to the New Mexico Workforce Connection and found out about all our services including the WIOA program. Patrick was looking to hire Melissa Flores after meeting her at one of our job fairs. Melissa had recently graduated from a six month Women’s recovery program. Melissa was eligible for a WIOA on the Job Training position as a low income adult with limited work experience. During Melissa’s OJT Patrick will be training Melissa about leadership, management, project management, problem solving, planning, delegation, internal communication, time management, procurement, human resources, and budgeting and costing.

This will give Melissa the training and experience she need to transition back into the workforce. Melissa states that she is happy working at Kumba coffee and with the services offered by WIOA. Melissa’s entry level wage is $9.00 an hour with the opportunity in time to advance into a management position with a significant pay increase.

Sam Woo

Sam completed WIOA eligibility on 09/26/2016, qualifying as a Dislocated Worker. Sam was let go from his place of employment in February 2016. He came to WIOA, stating that he’d always had an interest in computers and had done his research on the IT industry. He felt that the IT field would provide him with job security and that it would be a field which he’d enjoy. Sam attended CNM Ingenuity for their IT Professional Series from 10/12/2016 to 06/29/2017. Sam began working for TEK Systems in July, where he picked up a 2 week assignment. He then obtained a contract position with APS through TEK Systems. He will begin working full time for APS in November, as an IT Technician making $15 an hour.

Justin Carmichael

Justin was working at VisionQuest as a student intern earning $16.00 and working part-time. With the help of WIOA and upon graduation Justin was able to become a full-time employee earning $22.00 as a Software Engineer. Through his on the job training he was able to learn more coding for algorithms and helped develop software development plans. Justin was awarded 900 hours for this training and he has successfully completed his Skill Upgrade.

Sandoval County

Candice Dahozy

Candice comes from a small farming community on the Navajo Indian Reservation in west central New Mexico. After completing her engineering degree Candice found herself out searching for work with no work experience.  Candice came to WIOA looking for a program that would take her further in school however when introduced to the idea of working with the degree that she had already earned for a company that needed an engineer, Candice was all in.  Candice was placed into an on the Job Training position as a Civil Engineer with High Water Mark on 10/05/2017 at a starting wage of $26.00 per hour. Candace completed her OJT on 4/07/2017 and has been tremendously successful in her new role.  Candice has become a cornerstone of the company and plans to further her education in the near future

Torrance County

Briana Lopez

Briana is a low income adult who has not been able to increase her earning potential due to her lack of credentials. She has a limited skill set and has only worked in entry level positions. Her last position was a production worker for a few months and before that she worked at Smith’s Food and Drug as a customer service representative. Briana has never been able to successfully gain full time employment at a self-sufficient wage which lead her to explore career options in the healthcare industry.

Briana came to the Workforce Connection seeking financial assistance to continue her studies in Medical Assisting with Brookline College. Briana was initially assessed for WIOA funding purposes and an individual employment plan was created. Based on her assessment, completion of a Labor Market Information and eligibility she received WIOA funding to continue her education. She has subsequently successfully completed her course work at Brookline College and has also completed her clinical internship with a local health care office. Briana has been hired at USA Pain clinic as a medical assistant and stated that she is very happy with her work.

Valencia County

Mark Kmatz

Mark began employment with Valencia County Government in 2015.   Mark was hired as a Guard at the Valencia County Detention Center.  Through the WIOA program, Mark was given the opportunity to train to become a Deputy Sheriff.  The WIOA on the job training funds allowed Mark the opportunity to move up the career ladder and provided the county the opportunity to promote a trusted employee into a position that required community trust and the ability to protect.  Mark completed field sobriety training and certification courses in defensive driving, handgun and weaponry training and in-the field training with another officer.  Mark received excellent reviews from his commanding officer.    Mark was earning $16.00 per hour prior to WIOA on the job training skill upgrade.  He currently earns $19.50 per hour with full benefits.  He enjoys working to protect and serve the county.

We Stand with Puerto Rico

We Stand with Puerto Rico


Dear Friends,


It is more important now than ever, for us to call on Congress and the White House to focus seriously on ensuring that the people of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have access to the basic necessities in the short term and to rebuilding the island in the medium and longer term. It is time for our government to act now and act strategically. As such, the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda developed a 10 point plan of action for Congress and the administration. This plan requires that both Congress and the White House work together and set aside politics in order to help people who are urgently in need. On October 1st, NHLA sent a letter to the administration and Congress, outlining the specific actions they need to take and further explaining the gravity of the situation. As President Trump visited Puerto Rico, NHLA leaders held a press call to underscore the importance of acting on these 10 points.


In this newsletter, you will find the letter addressing the 10 points, a recording of NHLA’s recent press call, and 5 key actions that will aid in relief efforts. Thanks to all of you who are are working hard for our brothers and sisters and we will continue to work to make sure they receive the relief they need, both immediately and in the months to come.


In unity,

Hector Sanchez Barba


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